Monday, 31 October 2011


...... so it's raining today, what you gonna do about it?

I was feeling blah this morning (same as yesterday), and I'd missed yesterdays 2 miler that was on the schedule.
Then I saw this on thepaceofmylife's blog

So I went and did this (stopped raining for me) ......

and now I feel ......

As you know I've had this hay-fever head cold thingie that has been bugging me, ggggrrrrr, don't you just know! But it lead to my first missed run Sunday, I just couldn't - I think I would have fallen asleep.  SO, more dosing up happened and I felt loads better today so before school run I went out and did my 3 miles that were in the plan.  With my snotty nose in mind I popped a HALLs extra strength in my mouth and pulled this on my wrist for any "other" surprises that possibly may decide to run on along with me (I had no place for tissues!)

Job done, may become my standard attire going forward??!!

Need to go attack more laundry now and get dinner ready for the chillies ... I'm all ROCK N ROLL I know, I know!  I need to live vicariously through you all .... what you doing thats exciting today???



  1. Those wrist bands were designed for runny noses, right? Clever!

  2. Confession: I do exactly the same thing with the wristlets I wear. Who needs tissues, right ;)

    Well done for getting out there despite the weather!


  3. I always carry a tissue when I run (stuff it in my bra) for that, and also for my glasses!
    But good idea with the wrist bands.
    Love the nail varnish too :)

  4. Running with a snotty nose is so irrating - I think I might have to invest in a wrist band - it's a great idea!

  5. Well done on going for the run! My son has the same type nose thingy at the moment and it is driving him nuts! Have a nice evening:)

  6. I always end up using my shirt collar when I have an unexpected runny nose. The wrist band seems like it would be a little better. Hate running with a runny nose!

  7. Well done you :-D I warn you that feeling is addictive!

    I went for a run Saturday with a runny nose too but wore my long sleeve top, I was doing exactly the same thing, was totally gross when I got home!

    Keep up the good work x


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