Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Magnificent Monday

Yesterday was supposed to be "Magnificent Monday", so what happened??? .....

I was going to get up at 6am to do a 45 minute iCycle on the turbo trainer in the office, uuuuum, didn't happen.
Get showered and chivvy^ the kids on to school all happy family like = well I got the kids to school shall we say.
There was a vivacious grocery shop on the cards .... the trolley held me up on my feet & I managed to NOT swear at anyone!
Then I was going to bounce into the office and work on my set tasks for the day, eeeeerrrrmmmm they got done OK!
After school run it was a scheduled fun packed afternoon with park & homework on the to-do-list ...... mini-me-snr did his, jnr will have to be today
I was going to eat healthy and stick to my plan ..... it took EVERY-OUNCE-OF-MY-BEING (and a few teaspoons of almond nut butter) to see me through.
I was going to be happy and vibrant and vivacious because of everything I had achieved ...... I was slopped on the couch by 5pm having ingested headache tabs to fend off a pending migraine.  Sleeping by 10pm with more tabs.  It's almost gone this morning and I can comfortably sit and look at my screen without having to put my sunnies on.

So unfortunately my Magnificent Monday turned into Migraine Monday *very sad face* :-(

So .... on to Magnificent Tuesday .......

This is what I did this evening in the form of exercise considering I didn't wake at 6am to do it all ...
Kettlebells: Do up to 5 sets 
I did one set & it took 14min25sec
KB Swing (double hand) - 30 8kg bell
Goblet Squat - 20 8kg bell
Turkish Get-ups (Right) - 3 to 5 6kg bell (3)
Turkish Get-ups (Left) - 3 to 5 6kg bell (3)
Russian twists - 30 8kg bell
KB Clean Press (Right) - 10 8kg bell
KB Clean Press (Left) - 10 8kg bell
Windmills (Right) - 3 to 5 6kg bell (4)
Windmills (Left) - 3 to 5 6kg bell (4)
Single arm alternating swings - 30 12kg bell
I did the 20 minute iCycle :-)

chivvy^ I think I just made that word up??!!

All better and looking forwards to Magnificent Wednesday :-)



  1. Oh poor you- migraines are horrible so you were best to rest.

  2. Aww. Feel better quickly! :)

    I hope today is magnificant for you xx

  3. I hope you are feeling better and that the rest of the week runs smoothly!:)

  4. I think 'chivvy' is a word - my Mum uses it all the time :) She's forever 'chivvying' me out of the door because I'm always running late!

    Feel better soon <3


  5. I hope you feel better today and that it has been a magnificent Wednesday!


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