Friday, 28 October 2011

How I Roll

I'm snotty, not sick just irritatingly snotty like hay fever in the spring time.  I'm pretty sure its change of season so I'm treating it with hay fever "stuff".

A friend of mine went to watch Britney last night, I'm sad .... I wanted to go with - don't judge me please ;-)
Instead I was on my couch slobbing like this ....

Exercise is feeling good but the mind is weak, I think the honeymoon period is over .... its a serious journey from here-on-out FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION

Kids have been fab this half term holiday as I have not been able to take off work and spend the week entertaining them, today we did have fun at the bowling alley & laser quest.  Mini-me-jnr & I tied the win in bowling and mini-me-snr kicked ass in laser quest.  Happy kids = happy mommy :-)

Have a fantastic Halloween weekend everyone.  Keep safe and enjoy.


  1. Glad you had a lovely day with the kids! Have a great weekend and keep going, you are doing fab!:)

  2. I'm going through a lot of that "not sick just clogged up" feeling as well. Blaaah!

    Sounds like a fun day out, nice that the kids understand that you have to put the time in to earn some ££££ as well ;)

  3. I hope you're feeling better :)

  4. I am in love /w your slippers! glad you are having such a nice fun time /w the kiddos! Happy Halloween to you too :D

  5. I am snotty too!

    Love your slippers x

  6. From one snotty to another I hope you are feeling better. Britney, saw her once in concert, she was pretty good. Off to Selena Gomez concert tonight with my daughter, lord help my

  7. Oh no you have the 'CLOG'! Argh it is so bloody annoying I'm still suffering too.

    Have a good rest of day with the kids and hell your rocking them socks!!!


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