Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday = Funday

Well no to really but it sounds good "init" (for my International audience thats a bit of Eastend slang for "is that not so" .... think *My Fairlady* accent ;-)

Today started at 06:15 again and I can tell you now that Lumie is a WINNER but I AM going to need to set it for 06:00 to get everything done before I start with the kids ... nearly landed up going to mini-me-jnrs assembly in my sweaty running kit and I wouldn't wish that on anyone ...... see ......
 NOT pretty!

I did manage to finish C25K Week 6 Day 2 though :-)
 4.23km :-)
and my leggies survived in their cushions new Asics - very comfy indeed.

There was no Zumba on the schedule tonight and I stuck with that, I have DOMs in my hammies from yesterdays kettlebell secession so clearly a good one.  Also, I want to mention that I'm a bit of a renegade kettlebeller because I've never had 1-on-1 training.  I learnt from DVDs and a secession of kettlebell bootcamps classes.  Yes I recommend a trainer to learn.  Yes I believe my form is good and I don't try the really tough stuff. Yes I have tender forearms getting back into cleaning the kettlebell, no not THAT type of cleaning, I never do that .... THIS type of clean :-)

KIDDIE lunch box roundup:
The last for now but I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas of how I could pep them up?
3 mini croissants, cucumber, egg balls (AGH!!!) mini snickers & fruitshoot juice thingie

Plain dry roll, mini Milkyway, cucumber, ham & fruitshoot juice thingie

They are allowed a little chocolate / biscuit treat so I give them a little something - schools hard enough as it is.  But the rest I feel it gets boring, the last 3 days pictures are about the beginning and end of what I rotate in their lunch boxes.  
Bad Mom or Surviving Mom or Good Mom ... Whats your verdict?



  1. Nice sweat!!!!

    Kid lunches are hard. We ate lunch at the cafeteria every day growing up, so I have no idea. Veggies and dip?

  2. Hi Lara! I didn't get my eggs benedict in Edinburgh but thanks for the tip!!I always have problems with the lunches as my youngest isn't allowed even a biscuit or bar and won't eat rolls!!

  3. Great run today! I used to pack lunch for my younger siblings and I also put in little pots of yogurt--I would freeze them overnight and then toss them in the morning, and by lunch they would be thawed but still cold. Perfect!

  4. Sent my friends your info. Hopefully you will hear from her. Her name is Cindy =) She is due with her 4th in about a month but is training so GL to you both!

  5. Argh kids lunches, it's a battle here because my daughters lunches are super healthy plus one treat and she'll come home and tell me all about the 5 treats her friends had. Luckily she is starting to understand why I pack her healthy lunches and that her friend are so unhealthy. But it's hard. My daughter always gets a veggie and a fruit, sometimes 2. Then it's either a veggie wrap, pizza wrap, homemade pizza, salad with grilled chicken, etc.

  6. Yay to the Lumie :)
    And I saw this link on facebook;
    maybe some ideas you could use?

  7. By egg balls do you mean mini scotch eggs? Izzy's requested those for her packed lunches too as her friends have them, so I've picked up some Quorn ones...I don't think they're so bad occasionally? I used to love scotch eggs (and pork pies!) when I ate meat!!

    My vote definitely goes for "Good Mom" - the fact that you care enough to ask opinions shows that anyway aside from all the other good things you do :-D plus I don't think the packed lunches are that bad - would you boys eat fruit at all? That's the main thing that jumps out at me as missing.

    I'm not looking forward to Izzy getting older and actually voicing more opinions - at the moment I pretty much just put what I like in her lunch boxes! :)

    ps. respect for getting up at 6am to exercise! I so could NOT do that - I try to get every possible minute of sleep that the kids allow me to get, can't wait until their teenagers and actually value sleep as much as I do!!!

  8. I really want a lumie lamp. Peter has something similar which I find really good when I stay at his.
    When I was younger my Mum used to make ham sandwiches every day, which I hated with a passion - so definitely good Mum for taking their preferences into account! When I was older and my Mum realised I didn't like sandwiches I had pasta and cheese quite often, with a yoghurt or something like that.


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