Thursday, 13 October 2011

Falling Back In Love

Great title but has nothing to do with me & hubby (I still love him as much as ever) ... only me, falling out of love with weights and back in love with kettlebells ...... It feels like it has been sooooo looooong.  I was researching things that could compliment my running and while what I read seems to indicate a reduction of strength in weight training whilst endurance training, kettlebells didn't.  So it got me thinking and it made sense to drop weights and pick up kettle bells again. So I want to share the kettlebell routine I did this morning (6am Lumie Lamp wake worked boootifully).

I only used 6kg & 8kg bells to "test the waters"
WARM UP: was 5ish minute cycle
WORKOUT: do each exercise for 40 seconds (rest 20 seconds) - 2 sets
KB Swing (double hand) 27/24
Goblet Squat 17/13
Turkish Get-ups (Right) 1/1
Turkish Get-ups (Left) 1/1 + arm straight (somehow thats important??!!)
Russian twists 27/27
KB Clean Press (alternating) 3 each side / R=8 and L=10 for 2nd set
Stand-knee-stand - Left 6/6
Stand-knee-stand - Right 5/6
Windmills (Right) 3/3.5
Windmills (Left) 3.5/3.5

Then, I tried to do a cycle tabata at the end ...... I only managed 2 minutes - my legs and lungs SWORE at me, they said rude words and then refused to work anymore!!!  So I cooled down for a few minutes instead.
I'm going to change the stand-knee-stand move to a single leg KB deadlift

Lunch box update:
Yesterdays selection went down relatively well - a juice and a bit of mini chedders came home between them, but that was about it. Todays offerings were:
 mini-me-snr (plain bread - he's not into sandwiches??!!)
 mini-me-jnr (choc spread sandwich .... its as good as it gets!)
He ate the clementine & left the chocolate .... or so he told me, I haven't checked yet ;-)

On the up dinner was a raging success, my first in several weeks!!! It's tough begin a mom!

OK, bit of me time now - going to try make some bean burgers - I KNOW, I thought that too !!!!



  1. I wish I could be good at kettlebells - the only time I tried a class at the gym I looked like a complete twit because I couldn't do half the exercises properly. It's much harder than Body Pump! The lightest kettlebell they had was 12kg which didn't help...


  2. Ooo - I've never tried kettlebells, but it sounds interesting. I've done similar sounding exercises with dumpbells before and really enjoyed it. I think doing some sort of strength training whilst running is important, or so I keep telling myself.

  3. Kettle bells always look terrifying, but then I always imagine I would swing one, let go and accidently smash someones head off or something. I do in body pump most weeks imagine my head getting chopped off in the chest track when I drop the bar (when I imagine what would happen if I drop the bar I mean)...

  4. we are sadly lacking on kettlebell classes in this part of the world. There is one based the other side of town but it's a half hour journey to get there so I gave it up :(

  5. I love kettlebells!! They are hard work but I'd much rather do a short quick burst of them than doing weights in the gym.
    With my trainer I regularly do a 30min run followed by a 30min kettlebells.

  6. I really want to try kettlebells, nowhere near me offers classes :(


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