Sunday, 25 September 2011

A week in review

Wow, what a week it has been for me ... emotional turmoil on Thursday morning of (in my little world) dynamic proportion.  Thank you everyone for all your beautiful and heartfelt support and comments, they really have helped keep me on track and sane :-)
So the modus operadi is still to eat a slow-carb diet ala Tim Ferris.
So far so good since we started on Thursday.  The hubster did crack and have 2 beers on Saturday night as we had guests round and he was feeling drunk light headed on 2 glasses of white wine - he is a beer boy through and through.  I will not deny that sugar has crept in to things like sauces and ham but I'm hoping they are basically negligible until I can finish what I have in the fridge (the cupboard can wait).

OK so diet is back on track, what about exercise?

Well over the past 2 weeks I have settled in to a routine that looks like this:

Monday: Yoga (I may add a cycle in here)
Tuesday: Weights & Zumba
Wednesday: cycle & yoga
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: Weights & Zumba
Saturday: Yoga & cycle
Sunday: Rest day

This week I did all but Saturdays workout, I have felt tired and drained this weekend, caffeine withdrawal?? new diet?? not eating enough legumes?? run down??

Here's to another rocking week.



  1. Onwards and upwards!!Hope you have a great week:)

  2. I did Slow Carb a while back. My body loved it. The lethargy could easily be change of diet. You should adjust in the next week.

  3. Andy gets caffiene withdrawal quite a lot when he does not have tea (eg on holiday)- he normally has 3 big cups a day. So it might be that for you?

  4. ahhh caffiene withdrawl.


  5. Just read your last post. Oh I KNOW how demoralising that can be. Glad you took positive steps and didn't just throw in the towel. It's good that your hubby's in on the plan with you and you can support each other along!

  6. It's well known that a change in diet can cause lethargy, especially coupled with cutting out caffeine. It should settle down soon - make sure you're doing things to look after yourself as well :-)

  7. I don't know about your particular plan but I know that it is very common with low-carb to initially feel tired and not so great. But, it passes. Lots of people find beans do help.


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)