Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday Summary

Well all in all not a bad week this week.  I have had some ups and downs with regards to being back in the office and the odd emotional "eats". Overall its been cleanish eating and I've been trying not to eat too much just because its nice.

Actual exercise vs planned:
Monday: Weights & cycle turned into a rest day (read lazy day)
Tuesday: Rest day turned into 20 min iCycle; weights (Workout A2 New Rule of Lifting); Zumba
Wednesday: Run/walk & possibly Zumba turned into rest day (read lazy day)
Thursday: Weights & cycle rest day (read O.M.W. Doms day)
Friday: Run/walk & Zumba was Zumba only
Saturday: Rest day turned into 20 min iCycle; weights (Workout A2 New Rule of Lifting)
Sunday: Run/walk - sore knee day so icing and stretching (saddle on the bike was too low on Saturdays secession :-()

You will notice a distinct lack of running here and that I have no excuse for, the only reason I can muster up is the being back at work thing.  I will get there and am going to clean up around Freddie this week and get my inspiration, motivational area going.  I have a few ideas but want to wait until it's all together and take some picks once its done for you to see.


this weeks exercise plan looks something like this:
Monday: Yoga, I have some DVDs I have not even done yet - time to change that
TuesdayWeights & Zumba
Wednesdaycycle & yoga
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: Weights & Zumba
Saturday: not sure
Sunday: not sure

I've not been tracking my food on Weight Loss Resources recently, now I know thinking that I've been good can cause a false sense of security by guestimating things but I am trying to listen to my body a little more, especially since I am sticking to my guns about not getting on the scales until the end of September.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, I had a cracker last night with my besties and got a good ab workout with all the laughing.