Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Summary

All in all I am happy with how the week panned out.  I think I hit a balance with food and exercise so am not beating myself up about missing a few secessions.

Friday was awesome and mini-me-snr had a fantastic 8th birthday celebration.
It's really dark and moody because I took the pic on my phone :-)

Food Roundup:
Mostly I stuck to eating clean, there was the occasional slice of tiger bread and 1 day where I got stuck into the kiddies biscuits, 3 Kinder hippos and 2xchoc spread rich teas sandwich's ...... if you remember correctly how my "chocolate spread on rich tea habit" can lead to weeks of "badness" you will understand that this is a success story ;-)

Me in the middle with my oldest and dearest friends

Last night we had some awesome friends round and hubby had whipped up a pot of his onion soup (some onions from the garden, some bought ..... there just weren't enough home grown) and it was PHENOMINAL.  He also did pork roast on the Weber which was amazing accompanied with cabbage salad and green beans form the garden - a real food fest and all good bar the tiger bread with the soup, the 2 glasses of bubbly (which NEVER counts in my book ;-)) and the few teaspoons of Green and Black Vanilla Caramel Nut ice cream ..... it's DIVINE.

Exercise Roundup:
The plan was vs Actually accomplished
Monday:  weights & cycle .... weights (workout A1) & 20 min iCycle
Tuesday: Run/walk ..... C25K run/walk
Wednesday: weights & cycle & possibly Zumba .... weights (Workout B1) & Zumba
Thursday: Run/walk .... nothing
Friday: Zumba .... Zumba
Saturday: nothing .... nothing
Sunday: nothing .... nothing

Coming weeks plan of action:
Monday: Weights & cycle
Tuesday: Rest day 
Wednesday: Run/walk & possibly Zumba 
Thursday: Weights & cycle
Friday: Run/walk & Zumba
Saturday: Rest day 
Sunday: Run/walk

Eat clean

See you Monday for a fantastical week folks.


  1. YOu did pretty well with your exercise plan this week :) Onwards and upwards to next week too :)

  2. Your friends don't look THAT old lara.......

  3. That dinner sounds delicious - I want some onion soup!
    I love Kinder Hippos :-)

  4. Mmm, I love Green & Black's ice cream. Even the simple vanilla with chocolate sauce running through it is amazing :)

    I am very impressed with how well you stick to your exercise plan...I will try to take a leaf out of your book! I normally only manage to stick to 1 out of 5 planned exercise days, if that - rest days are the only ones I consistently stick to! :-D

  5. Kinder chocolate and dinner on the grill - yum!


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)