Monday, 5 September 2011

Mirror, mirror

How often do you look at yourself in the mirror?
I ask because it seems as only after "maturing" in years have I actually become comfortable with my image and looking at myself.  I'm not sure if this is down to upbringing, na├»vety or what but I was skilled at washing my hands without even so much as a glance at myself in the mirror for fear of being branded vain.  I've never been a big make-up wearer and generally chuck on clothes that I feel comfortable in ..... never stopping to see what I look like, it could explain some glances I get ;-).

As the years have advanced, so has my ability to look at myself in the mirror dare I say even naked, possibly most importantly in the buff because it allows me to really SEE myself.  And surprisingly I'm not inhibited by it even though I am lumpier and bumpier than I was in my 20s.  I am ever moving closer towards a healthier lifestyle to improve my current body shape I'm more confident within myself in the here and now.

Todays Fuel Intake:
Breakfast: 2 slices wheat free bread with butter, homemade jam & cheese; coffee with milk
Snack: Nakd bar; coffee with milk
Lunch: Left over cabbage salad and roast pork (all gross fat removed ... it's not the same second time round!); coffee with milk
Snack: 2x ryvita with boiled egg & ham; granola bar; coffee with milk
Dinner: Roast chicken; baked potato & mushy sweetcorn (no coffee ;-))

Todays Exercise:
Plan vs actual
Weights & cycle SWAP with tomorrows rest day

All in all its still been a fantabulous Monday, kids went back to school & I didn't have time to miss them (LIES) thanks to hitting up the office with the work hubby had left for me to do, needless to say it sounds like WW3 upstairs right now as they bath!



  1. It's a very positive thing to be able to look at yourself, naked, in the mirror. It's accepting what is there in front of you :)

    I haven't looked in the mirror for weeks. I probably should haha x

  2. My mirrors at home are high up so I have to tiptoe to see my neck (and head)! We have one (which we never put up) which is a full length one, which belongs behind the hall door! I sometimes get it out to have a look but mostly I don't look. The most times I look at myself is at the gym in classes as we face the wall of mirrors, but then at least I take my glasses off so I look like a watercolour :)

  3. Hmmm thought I was the only one who didn't like to look in the mirror too much for fear of being branded vain. I've definitely started taking more care of my appearance but in work I still have a hang up about spending more than a nano-second in front of the mirror if there are other people around, something (else) to work on I suppose!

  4. I do look at myself in the mirror and try to say nice things to myself - I think it's a really good exercise in building self-confidence.
    Having said that, out of habit I often don't look in the mirror all day, which backfires when I have toothpaste around my mouth or my breakfast down my top!


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