Friday, 9 September 2011


uuuuuummmmm, what happened to Thursday peeps?? if anyone can find mine please can I have it back, I need a few extra hours!

If you are a reular'ish reader you may remember that I mentioned that hubby & I have started up our own company and well up until now its basically been him doing pretty much everything, I've stuck my head in the office now and again but thats pretty much it ..... well until the kids went back to school that is!  Then I was "in the office" for real, summer fun with the kids all but a distant memory.  Now I'm not sure if I can officially call myself a working mum based on just the ONE week but crumbs its a heck of a thing to juggle work, kids, family and exercise ...... so as you can guess by Wednesday it was the exercise that lost the day :-(
I have redeemed and did Zumba thing evening and DANG it was WHOOPINGLY good.

 Autumn colours are peeking through :-)
We had logs delivered .....
 So "log-lady" is happy again :-)
They were meant for this Bella ...
We had our first fire Wednesday, it was coz-eeee.
Happy weekend folks.

ps: Barry is a great guy who makes fantastic chicken curry and I remember at a friends 21st everyone professing to be in love with Barry, ergo the love, the curry and the La Barry (which is a wine ... probably should have said hey ;-) my bad)


  1. Omg a fire already? It was actually quite chilly here beginning of th week, I am so not looking forward to winter :(

  2. hiya!!

    thanks for your comment, i love your blog!!! and your cute dog!! lol good luck in your weight loss journey i shall be cheacking in every now and again! x

  3. A fire already??? I have not even had a hot water bottle yet! But it has been so cold, we seem to have skipped the nicer part of autumn and gone right to the cold and windy part.

  4. That fire looks so good - really cozy. I love a real fire :-)


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