Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Making the most of bad weather

Good-day all ... I have an Aussi accent in my head as I type that, weird or do you do that too????!!!!!

Today has been awesome despite this awful weather.  I've exercised like a demon and had fun in the kitchen making strawberry muffins - OH.My.Word!!! Thank you Lucy @ porridgeandparsnips
Visual evidence of my efforts

Daily Fuel Intake:
Breakfast: mini courgette & scrambled egg; coffee with milk
Snack: ryvitas with lactofree cream cheese & ham; coffee with milk
Lunch: Wheat free pizza base with sliced pork, a few chorrizo cubes & mozzarella sprinkled on top
Snack: 2 SCRUMPTIOUS strawberry muffins
Dinner: Lamb Saag with wrap (not wheat free but YUM)
These wheat free pizza bases were not the best, they did the job of carrying the toppings but that was it.  Won't get them again especial since they were not low cal by any means (side plate size btw)

Daily Exercise:
In the am: 20 min iCycle
In the pm: weights, Workout A2 New Rule of Lifting …. upped weight from the bar to +2.5kg for my squats & bent over rows, amazing how a small increase creates such a big difference :-)
…. hubby thought I was doing weights this morning, I though HE was doing weights …… there was a queue for the bike this morning, DOH!
and Zumba

My tummy is now full to bursting with lamb saag and wrap which all went very nicely with some La Barry ....... Baaaaaaaarrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy we loooooovvveeeeee yooooooou ;-)*

till tomoz peeps (I think I'm so hip!!! NOT)

*one or two will know what I'm on about xxxxx


  1. We've been having a rainy couple of days here and I've been loving it, as it's the first rainy days I've had since moving here!

  2. yeah definitely don't know what you're talking about there! Muffins look very nice, surely one of your five a day fruit and veg as well?!?


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