Thursday, 1 September 2011

I'm hungry like a wolf today, not sure what it is, well no actually I do.  I have had to make a chocolate cake for mini-me-snrs birthday tomorrow and like a child I still lick the bowl and spoon afterwards ..... a distinct trigger me thinks :-(
I'm the only fool to blame then!!
PS yes I have been subjected to LOTs of the offending yellow sponge over the past few weeks :-(

Tomorrow, 8 years ago was the begining of life as I know it so the day will start with chocolate cake for breakfast and then we're off to movies and lunch with some of his mates - YEIKS!!!



  1. I think Spongebob would drive me to licking the cake bowl too! Salmonella would be a blessing after listening to that little yellow twit all day ;)

    Whatever happened to silent kids' TV characters, eh?


  2. I still lick the bowl unashamedly. I'm making beetroot brownies for some friends today, so I'll be doing it too...

  3. I do love a spot of bowl-cleaning after making cake, I think I actually prefer it raw :D

    I'd be driven to something a bit stronger than cake if subjected to the Sponge though, probably whisky!

  4. I have a spongebob keyring! But in my defence it was because years ago we went to Universal studios and he was everywhere, but I could not get the hang of it- oh there is square bob sponge pants etc,so when I finally got it right we got keyrings to commemorate the occasion! Plus they had one with my name on haha!
    ANyway enjoy the celebrations :)

  5. I hope you have had a lovely day and that Mini-me-snrs has had a fantabulous birthday!!

    As you know, Spongebob drives me crazy. Quite literally. You have my sympathies! x

  6. Happy belated to your little person, who is not so little anymore....the grow up fast don't they :(


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