Sunday, 18 September 2011

How's your weekend been?

I've spent mine doing as little as possible, well particularly Saturday and reflecting on my working week, which looked like this on Friday:
 Feeling pathetic & sorry for myself ;-)
Dreaming of being on a sunny beach drinking pink cocktails 

Today I got to put in some hours mowing the garden, I hesitate to call it lawn because that would elude to there being more actual grass than weeds and/or moss.  The pups think its fantastic .... they like to eat the wet freshly cut grass - WEIRDO's!

Quick week review:
Food has been not toooooo bad, trying to still keep it clean and *confession* .... when I mentioned I was not logging food in this post I realised it may be a good idea to revisit and start doing that again.  So Monday to Friday I logged my food *confession* well not Monday because that turned a bit bad nor the weekends intake because I'm lazy like that ;-(
The upside is I AM paying more attention to my portion sizes and my daily coffee count, which bar my morning coffee, is a HUGE calorie waste for me.

I'm loving the yoga addition to my week, a big thank you to all of you who said its never to early to add yoga to your routine (sometime back I posted I'd add yoga when I was 50!!!), in fact some of you may have left "rather now than later you old foe-gee" comments ;-)

Exercise review:
Monday: CHECK - Yoga, I have some DVDs I have not even done yet - time to change that
Tuesday: CHECK - Weights & Zumba
Wednesday: CHECK - cycle & yoga
Thursday: DARN RIGHT I DID - Rest day
Friday: CHECK for Zumba - Weights & Zumba
Saturday: not sure
Sunday: WEIGHTS & CYCLE** - not sure
** normally I do a 20 minute iTrain track but today I started the 45 minute one with a view to do as much as I could ... that turned in to 27 minutes (so a 35% inc) which I'm well pleased with :-)

The week ahead - exercise plan:

Monday: Yoga & possibly walk/run
Tuesday: Weights & Zumba
Wednesday: cycle & yoga
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: Weights & Zumba
Saturday: Yoga & cycle
Sunday: Rest day

I've implemented phase 1 of cleaning up around Freddie, now I need to implement phase 2

Do a yoga review post for you all

Keep eating clean

I'd like to extend a fantastical warm welcome to any new followers to my blog, I hope you are on board for the long haul so I can get to know you.



  1. Great that you're enjoying yoga: I'm in such a yoga rut at the moment, stuck doing the same DVDs but unable to find any decent classes. I wish Jillian's Yoga Meltdown would come out on DVD in the UK, because I'm sure I'd love that one.

    Hope next week is a bit less manic in terms of work!


  2. Good job on adding 7 minutes to your bike ride!

  3. Haha - I love that photo of you with the post its :-)
    I love yoga and I love how there are all sorts of people at the class I go to - young, old, fat, thin, men, women, flexible and me ;-)

  4. Love the post and the post its =)

  5. Love all the post-its :) Well done for phase 1 of the treadmill too- and looking forward to the yoga review post.

  6. Hiya!Thanks for following back.Hope you have a great week!!

  7. Glad to hear you are loving yoga. I started late too, after trying several times and really hating it. Once I found an instructor I liked, it made a huge difference. But, then I had an (unrelated) injury that put me out of commission for quite a while and I've never been back. Must go again! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Yoga is awesome for keeping injury at bay!!!

    I use photo booth when I am bored also :D


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