Thursday, 29 September 2011


This dropped on my door-mat today as the postie did his rounds ..........

Sunday 22 April 2012,
I'll uuummmm,
be running the London Marathon!


I thought I told you lot to make sure I didn't do this *enter races and forget* thingie.  Geish good help is hard to find these days ;-) ...... bests I fall BACK in love with running then!

All advice and head adjusting comments welcome :-)


  1. Ummmm..........

    Good luck, you loony :D

    I'm not a runner, so I have nothing more helpful to add than that!!

  2. Good luck, train hard, you'll do well.

  3. Bloody hell! It's certainly a good year to do it...

    Hal Higdon's Beginner programme (don't be insulted! It isn't for beginners per se, just those that are running their first marathon) is IMO the most solid plan out there - build up to 8 miles gradually with the 10% rule over the winter and then start the plan, I'd say - the cross training days, of which there are many, would still leave room for cycling/Zumba? The plan's here anyway if you fancy it :)

    Good luck!


  4. Way to go! I just completed my first half, and I am not so sure I will be running 26.2 anytime soon. But Rock it out!

  5. FANTASTIC!! I'm a bit jealous! Have A GREAT time!

  6. WOW! Thats fantastic!! You can totally do it!!!

  7. How exciting! :)
    I looked a lot on Runners World- they also did a magazine early last spring with a load of marathon training plans. Build up a base now- say get up to doing 8/9/10 miles for a long run every other weekend (but you know, get there slowly- 10% rule etc), so that when you start training you have a good base. Oh, and listen to marathon talk! :)

  8. oh ye gods........ you mad mad woman you!

    best get training then!!!!! :p xx

  9. Oh wow I'm so excited for you :D Okay..I didn't get the excitement coming through your post..more fear hehe but you will be okay! Train hard girl!! x

  10. I'm intending on doing the two ocean's half marathon next year april as well as cycle the argus.
    Maybe I'm being too optimistic? I donno, but I'm as sure as hell going to try my best. :)

    Good luck with the marathon. At least now there is a definite purpose to exercise. :D

  11. Congratulations ... if that's the right word ;-)
    I know you'll do great - I'm looking forward to reading all about your training.

  12. God that is fantastic!
    A great incentive to train!!

  13. Fantastic! There's the push you need to start lovin' running!

  14. Absolutely ace, although I didn't get a place I am doing a marathon the weekend after so we are both in the same boat and it my first one too.

    In process of changing my blog hence the lack of posts but I'm sure we can support each other from afar!

    Book onto a half marathon a couple of months before, def will be useful.



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