Thursday, 22 September 2011

Facing up to Facts


So here's what happened Thursday morning when I woke up.  I felt great, glanced at my body in the mirror as I passed it though "mmm looking good" and then against all I promised myself ........ I got on the scale.  I got off, I didn't cry and still haven't because I'm tough like that (not).  I even in a bout of total disbelief went down stairs and got a fresh pack of batteries and put them in and got on again - EXACTLY THE BALLY SAME AS 4 weeks ago.

"scale says NOOOOOO!"
I really believe I have eaten mostly healthy and clean (bar the occasional treat bin trip - honestly), and I have been exercising consistently with a mix of cardio and weights (moving up a little each secession).

So what went wrong, what had I not done right?

To be honest with you all, I just don't know!!

What did I do about it?

Well hubs & I had a conversation and I was soon on my way to the shops with a shopping list and a plan.  The plan is not new, and it works for us.  I'm back to slow-carb eating.  So clean for me in a very literal way.
I have measured and only my waist is down 1cm, the rest ..... still the same!

The low-down on slow-carb:
Based on Tim Ferris The 4 Hour Body
Past posts of mine on me doing slow-carb:
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See here and here for more specifics on how slow carb works.

We started today.
Salmon & scrambled egg for breakfast
(no beans or veg as I hadn't been shopping yet!!)

Lunch prawns, with salad bean mix & mixed veg

Was pork stirfry

I also finished off my last SOB mint cocoa Nakd bar SOB and 2 peaches.  YES, I will miss my fruit but guess what my food porn days will consist of from here on out :-)
Today was a rest day for exercise but I am loving my new regime so will keep going with weights (NRoL), Zumba, cycling/spinning and yoga, all twice a week.
A bad day turned good, a wake-up call I needed.



  1. I've read some stuff about the slow-carb plan and it sounds interesting. It's not something I'd want to do at the moment (I love fruit too much!), but the idea of a food porn day sounds tempting!

  2. oh hon! I so know this feeling :( I am so sorry you are going through it. I constantly struggle. I think my body is just down so far it wants to stay where it is and I definitely do not want it to! I am soooo curious about the slow carb and will definitely check it out!! Wishing you the best!! You will beat this!

  3. I would miss fruit too much! But hope it works well for you :)

  4. Good plan lovely. Have you switched your exercise up a bit recently too? It may help?

    I hope it works and the scales and tape measure soon move - a lot! x

  5. I went through a long spell in the winter into spring when I really felt I was doing everything right but still not losing. It's so frustrating. I hope you measure yourself too, because sometimes those numbers change while the scale does not.

    I eat what many would consider low-carb but what I consider "good" carb, so it seems sort of similar except that I do eat fruit. But every so often I cut it out because I find I am way overeating it.

  6. Good luck. I just did a fruit cleanse and ended up so, so, so bloated and blah.

  7. ((hugs)). I'm sure mixing up your diet and workouts will help. Good luck.


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