Friday, 30 September 2011


So what was the first thing I though of once I had digested my London Marathon acceptance magazine?

"So I'll need NEW RUNNING KIT??!!"
....... Right!!
Come on tell me you thought that too, PLEAZE ;-)

Can you believe I actually looked at the covering letter and still turned it over going .... "so where's my fleece" ????? 
Oh well, I'll have to get ....
instead :-)
On a serious note, 
I will be getting this as I haven't had it checked since I did the London Moonwalk in 2007.  If I want to avoid injury due to my 6 month training insanity I believe its a good idea.
I am also going through beginner marathon training programmes at the moment.  These are what I have perused thus far:
I'm going to put something together and email it across to pops-in-law (my running mentor guru), and see what he has to say and then well um, I'll start it!
My main objective though is to ...

Before I go I want to say a huge big GO GIRL to Rachel @ Rachel's Delicious Journey who is doing the Cancer Research Shine half marathon Saturday.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


  1. whooo hooooo I am so very excited for you! Cant wait to go through your training with you! :)

  2. YAY!!!!!!! Well done you one day I will get to do it too : )

  3. whoop whoop, just saw this!! So excited for you :)

  4. Hope you have a lovely weekend:)

  5. Yay how exciting! Yeah get all the kit- that is half the fun! May I add running socks to your list? :)

  6. Oh my god you got a place, I was gutted when my fleece arrived but I have since signed up for the Great Manchester Marathon which I think is the weekend after London so we will both be training like nutters for the next 6 months, bring it on!


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