Thursday, 15 September 2011


A few weeks back mini-me-snr and I made chutney with some oversized courgettes from the garden but didn't want to post until it had settled for at least 4 weeks before trying it.  We used a recipe from BBC Good Food which was really basic and easy to follow (especially for an unseasoned chutney maker like myself), LOTS of chopping though.
 mini-me-snr reading the recipe, he did an amazing job chopping up tomatoes

 Raw ingredients, ready for the long simmer

Beautifully simmered down

In their sterilised jars* ready for the 4 weeks maturation

Oh. My. WORD!!!  this chutney ROCKS.  We finally cracked open a jar today at lunch time.  Hubster had some with toast & pork sausages and I had it on Sesame & pumpkin Ryvitas with cheese & ham ....... I'm very surprised I have not been back for more - its delicious.  Its sweet with an ever so slight hint of tart.  I cannot wait to try it with some strong cheese.  Just hope I can pace myself with it .... there ARE 3 more jars to go.  I know, I know, you all did a quick count ;-) ...... I gave one to a friend with promises not to open it before 4 weeks.

*The jars I bought from our local Steamer Trading Cook Shop

So if you are in any doubt or nervous about making chutney, don't be.  This recipe was easy to follow and sterilising was as easy as washing the jars in hot soapy water (rinsing) and then placing them upside down on the rack in a warm oven to totally dry out (10 mins minimum), I filled the jars while they were hot - basically I left them in the warm oven until I needed them.

When last did you push your baking/cooking/culinary skills and what was it with?
The chutney and the blackberry jam were out of my comfort zone for sure.

ps I've just noticed I managed to capture 5 different bottles of oil on the counter (oh and chocolate spread ... mini-me-jnr is addicted!!!)


  1. Oooh, that looks really good! I've never tried making jam or chutney before...will have to check that recipe out :)

    Last time I pushed myself with baking/cooking? I was quite impressed with the vegetable crisps I made recently, although that was more because of time pressure as we had guests for drinks and nibbles and, being a new-to-me thing, they took a lot longer than expected! I need to push myself more perhaps - I make lots of new recipes, but they are all from other blogs that I see as fairly "safe" and therefore usually turn out as delicious as I expect! :-D

  2. That chutney looks wonderful. I love making chutney because it's so easy. I don't have a garden so I raid my parent's garden at the end of summer for anything they don't want. I usually end up making green tomato chutney and it's yummy!

  3. Ooooooooooo, that looks good. I have cheese and chutney cravings now. I shall be making green tomato chutney at the weekend, with the leftover unripe ones from my dad's garden (and mine!).

    My last proper push-the-boat out cooking session was a dinner party a while ago (which involved the Textures of Peas thing) and that was more about coordination and planning than actual technical cheffing, as it were.

  4. It looks fabulous! I've never made chutney before, but it sounds quite simple.

  5. This looks divine!My aunt always makes jam.Must give it a try!


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