Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Beautiful Moon

How amazing has the full moon been recently!  I tried to take some pictures but I just could not do it justice so have spent several minutes over the past 2 nights just marvelling at it, you know ..... for real, in life :-)

OK so quick catch up secession, and I mean QUICK (I'm at work but it's my lunch break .... sssshhhhh don't tell the boss ;-))

Some weekend pics:
I missed taking pics of starters because I was basically too busy scoffing them :-) They were awesome though, a table FULL of Spanish Tappas.
Spanish seafood

 Eaton Mess ... that was the serving bowl btw!!!

In the guest loo (as you do!!)
The MOST flattering mirror I've been exposed to in a long time, wanted to bring it home with me ;-)

I am still LOVING my Zumba (read Zumba ADDICT basically!), my hips are getting used to it and I'm pretty sure I get some wiggle action in these days .... WHOOP WHOOP :-)

Monday morning (early bells) I did a yoga DVD for the first time in a loooong time and loved it, more mantra based than downward facing dog based (will review later).

And I have a personal favour to ask.  A friend of mine has just recently started eating a vegetarian diet so have said that I know a lot of you lovely peeps are veggies or vegans and are all lovely so if you wouldn't mind posting a comment with a link to your blog I'm hoping she can hop across and read what inspires you lovelies.


ps dodgy knee all better after 2 days of icing and resting, going to put that saddle back where it was! :-)


  1. is an excellent, creative, beautiful photographed vegan blog.


    and my old blog

    I stopped posting there after stopping being vegan...

  3. Zumba is pretty fun, eh? I used to love it!

  4. Pretty top :)
    My blog has some veggie things on there (I need to update my recipes page though)- :)

  5. Heather is the best vegan blogger I have met. Here is her blog:

  6. Another good one is Averie:


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)