Friday, 19 August 2011

Turbo Trainer, a review

Rob from Running Rob asked about my turbo trainer so thought I'd do a mini-review (please bear in mind I have nothing to compare it to).

We bought it from Evans for hubby to train for triathlons during winter, so I couldn't find this one online as it was a few years back that we bought it.  Price: I can't remember exactly but I'm sure it was under £200.00 and included the front rest.
 Front rest.  The tyre just rests in it.  I feel very comfortable, stable and secure on the bike.
 The rear wheel clips in and out by flicking that orange lever on the side - so easy even I can do it :-)
So it wold be easy enough to get the bike in and out if need be.
This little orange lever at the back creates the tension when flipped down ("leave it up to relieve pressure on the tyre" I was ordered and so I do!)
 This little gismo is the tension control, it is attached to the rear wheel mechanism with a long wire.  Its a bit messy but its visual messy rather than getting in the way messy.
 Tension goes from 1, all the way up to 10
I have no idea how this even compares to a spin bike but I'm on level 3 for hills and find it VERY hard, but remember .... I'm a big-baby-cyclist and building cycling stamina and strength.

Independent comments from my father-in-law who worked this puppy while they were here visiting in July (he is a very fit man) ... based on these comments I'd guess he cracked about 8+ on the tension .... he's used to cycling in Cape Town (read FULL of mountains!!!).

"Hi La,
Sorry cannot remember the settings but I 'could get out of the saddle' for a part of the training and the cadence was still slow, so a fair bit of tension."

"Hi La,
I was using my HRM and did 10 minute warmups to get to a HR of 65%. Doing the sprints my HR would increase to 88-90% and I do not exceed 90% doing indoor training. I did the hill work on the easy side, using the tension to to get to a HR of 80-85% with a fairly low cadence."

I hope this is helpful for some.  The turbo trainer is certainly one of the only reasons I am trying my hand at cycling.



  1. Thanks so much for the review: I'm thinking of investing in a trainer for the winter so I don't go insane when the North East is buried in snow again like I did last year, so it's good to hear an objective opinion about them.

    Your FIL sounds so cool! And to cycle in Cape Town he must be very fit indeed.


  2. Jess you would hate him ;-) He's run 13 Comrades Marathons and since being told he can't run anymore, he's taken up cycling and regularly does the Argus cycle in CT ... I've lost count how many .... he's my training idol & guru xx

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