Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Thinking ahead

Inspired by (Just) Trying is for Little Girls I thought I'd set myself a little September Challenge ;-).  I've been sat all day, barring a quick trip in to town to do school shoe shopping, cruising around blogs and catching up.  I'm loving the new blogs I follow and have also noticed a lot of blogs have Facebook pages attached to them mmmmmmmmmmm, think I may ponder that issue for a bit.  Anyway I digress .....

My Challenge is:
To do 20 minute iCycle on the turbo trainer at least twice a week
Get an inspiration (read THINSPIRATION) board to go in front of Freddie my treadmill
Fall in love with running again, enjoy training and make a decision on the Great South Run later on

Short and sweet and I have a motivational something in mind to keep my focus ;-)


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  1. That skirt should make good motivation--its so cute!


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