Friday, 26 August 2011

TF Catchup

Was a tiring but fantastic day.  We went up to London to met with one of hubbys old workmates who is now a historian and works at Buckingham Palace Mews so gave us a personal guided tour.
 It was WET!!!
 We saw LOTs of these, they really are amazing, especially the big gold one :-)
An outside view of the Mews riding school
We were so beat after walking around for 2 days in a row we treated ourselves to some of this fishy goodness action ....

Ticklish but OH.SO.AMAZING :-)

Thursday was no exercise and not the best eating choices, this evening though I'm going to test drive my new Zumba trousers out ... can't wait :-) Wonder if I'll do my run secession???!!!!mmmmmmm



  1. a personal guided tour eh! did you get a glimpse of you know who? :P

  2. :P no but I did ask if they ever saw the royal family wondering around, apparently Harry can always be found chatting to the young ladies ;-)

  3. The fishes are cute. But I'm very ticklish so I don't think I'd do that. :)

  4. It's always great to get your own guided tours. One of N's friends is a volunteer in the Wetland Centre in Barnes and he gave us a tour once, was great. London just ROCKS. Unfortunately budgetary restrictions meant no trip there this's not a cheap place to go even for a few days but I love that it's nearby so when we do have the cash I'll be back there again (Summer 2012 might be a tad out of our budget for some reason though..hehe).

    New workout gear gets me excited too. I spotted a pair of trousers in Penneys (Primark) that I think I'll be getting next week as most of my tracksuit bottoms are ready for the knackers yard (like their creaky kneed-creaky hipped owner I suppose)

  5. Oh how fun! I am so jealous of everyone who lives in the UK just for all the history and architecture!

  6. My friend works for the Royal Collections and I'm hoping for a personal guided tour at some point :-)
    I love those fish massage things - ticklish, but oh so good!

  7. I've never had one of those fish things before, I'd be scared I might squash it if it tickled me haha

  8. Would be a weird sensation to have those fishies slithering across your feet!!!


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