Friday, 12 August 2011

Super Sweaty Cycle

.... I promise I'll stop boring you senseless with my cycle stuff soon!!

This morning I hopped onto the bike armed with my 20 minutes iCycle secession on my phone.  I strapped up with my phone & HRM and started it all going and took a few snaps .... blurry snaps because I was sooooooooo shaky.
Having a jolly :-) 
wires protruding out my ears ... no I'm not a techno/toy fiend!

That would be my heart rate .... coming down!!!

Totally sweated up I tell you

The pores on my arms were dribbling sweat

20 minutes guys was HELL, I was totally buggered by the end but I loved every single swearing minute of it.  I know my limits and 20 minutes is it at the moment.  My bottom is gonna hurt for a while but will be worth it.
Am I pleased it was at home, hell yeah!!!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


  1. Love it! I love the sweatiness at the end of a good workout!

  2. If I'm not sweaty after a workout then it doesn't feel like I really 'worked out'.

  3. Finally, someone to rival my own supreme sweatiness ;) You should see me after a spin class...


  4. In my opinion a workout without getting sweaty isn't a workout!

  5. Cycling makes me look like a sweaty wet rat too ;-) haha! You look cuter than I do all schweaty though that is for DARN sure.

  6. I end up literally running with sweat after a workout (I understand now why tennis players wear headbands!); I leave a trail behind like a snail whenever I walk around (sexy as hell, I tell ya).

    I'm hopefully getting a bike soon. I will post corresponding sweaty pictures after my first ride!

  7. Great job! Happy end of the weekend :)

  8. I love love love that feeling of total sweatiness :p


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