Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Summary

A little round up of the weeks effort:

The week was good, I am totally LOVING eating food from the garden, blackberries, beans, peas, potatoes, salads, carrots, onions .... I love being a gardener (of sorts) ... it ROCKS!  Sammy, one of my hens, has started sitting again which is inhibiting egg production, so once I've cleaned out their Egloo I'm going to have to start daily lockdowns once the rest of the girls have laid their eggies.
On a sweet tooth & biscuit front I have been restrained even though there have been custard creams (the work of the devil) and Green & Blacks 70% dark chocolate (the work of the devils conscious???!!!).
Overall I have mostly maintained a clean eating diet and always chosen wholemeal or multigrain options for rolls and toast and tried to limit to once a day.

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Weights & Cycle
Workout A 1 from New Rules of Lifting for Women and then 20 minutes iCycle on the turbo trainer
Wednesday: Run/walk effort for 40 minutes
A dismal effort on the treadmill, but I'm seriously asking my body to run a lot form not having done much running in the past few months ..... I'm hoping it gets better *feeble grin*
Thursday: Rest Day Weights Workout B1 and iCycle 20 minutes
UNOFFICIALLY .... I was just too knackered after Tue & Wed!!
Friday: Run/walk effort for 40 minutes & Zumba
I did this 40 minutes secession round a 1.25km loop.  mini-me-snr came with on his bicycle which was a first for both of us, he was nervous (no need though) but he did get bored on the 3rd lap so at least he knows its not anything exciting anymore when I say I'm going running.
I still Zumba
Saturday: Rest Day .... OFFICIAL ;-)
Sunday: 2 mile run
I went out on a 2 mile plotted route ... on the road.  This is what it looked like at the end (this is not including warm up or cool down)
Its HARD, I want to give up.  I couldn't run the whole 2 miles which according to my plan I'm supposed to, I don't have time to go and repeat weeks before the Great South Run ..... HELP ME HERE PLEASE, WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Oh and remind me not to get on the scales until the end of September .... I hopped on several times this week and every time it was the same, its too soon to see a change and I'm exercising more and getting back into weights (I know ONE secession doesn't count but I'm getting there).

My picture of the week
Some take a magazine, a book, a phone an iPad ..... my kids its their scribbler :-)

Need to go pick MORE blackberries for dessert today (peeps coming round for a barby) and get ready, happy FUNDAY everyone.



  1. I'm a relative newbie to running, so I can't give any expert advice. I would keep plugging away at the plan, trying to run as much as you can, but walking when you need to. No-one says that you have to run the whole of the Great South Run - there are always plenty of people walking during big races. Having fun is the most important thing - it shouldn't be torturous!
    All the produce from your garden sounds delicious. The blackberries are coming on very nicely round me now. In the next week or so my runs will start getting much slower as I stop to "refuel" on them :-)

  2. re the running - just keep plodding away love. if our bodies reacted to plans and did things by the book wouldn't losing weight be nice and easy?

    :p xx


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