Monday, 15 August 2011

Sunday Summary

On a Monday of course ;-)  

OK, so seeing as I'm a week late for my 12 week plan to get me round the 10 mile Great South Run in Portsmouth on the 30 October I thought I'd get started, Sunday, naturally!

SO, 2 miles, no biggie RIGHT!?!?!
What WAS I thinking ... oh no, I wasn't!!!!!! I think I thought I'd hop on the treaddie after no running for ages and just crack out 2 miles eeeerrrrrrmmmmmm NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

Finished, literally & figuratively!!!

On the up side, dinner was F-A-B ... potatoes, onion, beans & peas ALL form the garden & YUMMY :-)

Do you grow things in your garden or on your balcony or in an allotment?
I have totally amazed myself by what I can grow, yes weeds are still the most prolific thing I am able to grow, but we seem to have grown more veggies than I have killed .... I very pleased with what we have accomplished :-)

Have a great day lovelies.


  1. Don't worry after 12 weeks you will be running without a care in the world. I couldn't run 1 mile without feeling like I was going to die in January but now I'm out there and getting a load of miles in. Just don't push too hard and take it slow but being consistent is the key.

    You have plenty of time to get into it for October.


  2. My Dad's been growing courgettes in our small garden, and he's also having a go at parsnips for the winter :)

    Do you have a home gym? I'm so jealous if you do: can I move in please?


  3. That's the beauty of training - getting to watch your mileage go up and up and up :)

  4. The beans look good :-) I don't grow anything myself at the moment. We do have a tiny backyard, so it would be possible to grow a few things.

    My Dad has always been a keen gardener, but he's only just started growing veg - so far he's had runner beans, courgettes and rocket.

  5. you will soon build up your stamina Lara, I can vividly remember not being able to run for more than a minute without a paramedic on standby - now I can fairly comfortably go for an hour or so :)

    and I wish I liked gardening but the thought of mud under my nails..... :p

  6. Just keep at it and the miles get easier. Those beans look delicious. I love fresh veggies from my garden, nothing tastes better!

  7. Congrats on getting that run done. It'll get a tonne easier as time goes on. All you need is consistency. The rest'll come on its own :)


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