Monday, 29 August 2011

Smoothie action

After my workout today I decided to get some smoothie action on, ingredients from the garden of course.  So in-between my weights in the garage (watch this space for winter moans of how cold it is!!) and my 20 minutes iCycle I popped outside to pick some blackberries.  Then post cycle I picked some kale form the veggie garden.

All the ingredients got a good wash down, then whizzed up with some Kara coconut milk and a dash of Agave nectar.
 Produced a very deep purple liquid
It didn't make for pretty drinking :-)

Next time I want one of these!
Hope everyone in the UK has had a fab Bank Holiday.


  1. Ha ha love the purple tongue :)

  2. I keep telling myself that someday I'll try a smoothie with veggies in it. Maybe:)

  3. What a fabulous picture with the purple tongue!


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