Wednesday, 10 August 2011

On being a numpT

ok I wasn't going to post this but it was my birthday yesterday and if truth be told I'd felt totally unworthy as a person to receive any kind of recognition even if it was just to turn a day older.  But you know, facebook is a fantastic thing.  I had taken off my birthdate so as to avoid messages blah blah blah yadda yadda but the messages just kept coming in and I landed up having a fab day, my boys spoilt me and we had chocolate cake for breakfast, watched Cars 2 in 3D with nachos & popcorn and had a fantastic time not eating real food and more importantly not worrying myself about it ... the 3 glasses of bubbly may have helped ;-)

The lesson I learnt:
never underestimate the power of the love from friends and family :-)

Hope everyone has had a fantastic Wednesday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Laura at Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish and to anyone else's who has or is going to celebrated a birthday this year I would like to send you the following ....

A basket full of birthday wishes 
with stars to reach for,
sunshine to bask under
and rainbows to marvel at.



  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday! You are totally worthy of recognition and lots of nice things :-)
    Also, it's crazy how many bloggers have had birthdays recently ... something in the water as my Mum would say!

  2. Belated happy birthday, glad you had a lovely day!

  3. Happy belated birthday :) Sounds like it was wonderful.

  4. You are so worth it!! Happy Birthday for yesterday, and next year get it on your blog so we can all wish you happy birthday on the day, that's an order! xx

  5. Aww, I have the same attitude towards my birthday.

    So happy that people came out and showed you the love you're so obviously worth.


  6. Awww happy belated birthday, you should enjoy it, its one day a year to feel special to all those who love you xx

  7. Belated happy birthday, lovely lady! Glad you had such a nice day (and plenty of bubbly!!).

  8. Happy Belated!


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