Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Today I ate:
Breakfast was scrambled egg with left over pork sausage

Snack was coffee with a 5 pack of Dark Chocolate Nairns biscuits

Lunch was steamed broccoli with stir fry pork strips and Mayola

Then I ran:
5.13km in 40 minutes
My legs were tired after yesterday & I kept giving in to my brains requests to stop.  The whole thing was a combination of walk/run.  I need to be mentally stronger but also understand that I am asking a LOT of my body this week.

Snacked on 2 kiddies chicken nuggets (not shop bought but not homemade either!!)
Drank gallons of water

Then I ate:
Dinner was home basted chicken in Nandos  sauce with homemade pesto and wholemeal pasta
Finished the evening off with a decaf coffee with a dash of cream and a few small squares of Green & Blacks 70%

What do you like about my blog most and what do you like least, honestly in comments please.

Happy Wednesday everyone :-)


ps Rob, turbo trainer review coming