Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I want to be less like this ...

& More like this .....
Operation Me starts
I need to love me
Look after me
Feed me clean healthy foods
Keep me healthy with exercise
Enjoy me
Enjoy being me


*Edited pic for kiddies looking over the shoulder syndrome ;-) .  No it is not me either.  Think Holmer looks good blanked too, what you think?


  1. Hehehehehe! My eyes :D

    I love the Operation Me rules, I think that's a great list, and I'm going to try and remember it.

  2. You and me both!

    I love that you blanked Homer as well though. Certainly made me giggle.


  3. I'm really trying the whole positive thing a lot lately, you have to be really AWARE of being happy and that can take so much effort ...it's good to refocus occasionally, think we can get really bogged down with what we're NOT doing and forget the good things we do.

  4. Hehe, nakey lady!

    As the others said, I like the idea of Operation Me. We're kinda conditioned to think it's selfish to care about ourselves. Especially if you're a mum, I imagine. So I think this is a great attitude to take :)


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