Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I've had a lazy day today and it all started by me getting up the earliest I have this WHOLE summer, SEVEN in the AM peeps ..... I haven't seen pre 8am ALL summer it's been divine.  But I had to get up early if I was going to make the grocery store without the chillies and before hubby left for the day.  The motivating factor was that it was pee'ing it down and I wasn't dragging two wet rats with me.  Great part is shelves were all packed and it was "oh so quiet" ... I got out before anyone fell in love ;-)

After I got back I had breakfast and the kids were STILL sleeping, think they ambled down at about 9am!! Then we watched movies, ate popcorn, headed to the local indoor play area for the kids to meet with a mate and run riot for a few hours then home and dinner ..... 
note the absence of any exercise on my part, 
note the lack of stress about not exercising,
my how I'm growing up and learning

I've enjoyed my day and spent it with the kids, happiness all round.  I am however in turmoil about my scheduled 30 minutes continuous run tomorrow but I'm going to do what I can but do the 30 minutes, all grown up one minute and a gibbering little girl the next ..... can I call that balanced ?? ;-)

what do you do on rainy days thats special?
I do love dashing around in the rain (when its warm like it is at the moment) and then getting home and having hot cuppa something.


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  1. I always liked to run in the rain when I could: moping around indoors just made me feel...more mopey!

    Good luck with your 30 minute run: I'm sure you'll be fine!



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