Monday, 29 August 2011

Last week roundup

mmmm not nearly as clean as I would alike it to be.  A few chocolates snuck in there and the odd bit of cheese string too with a side splattering of pizza :-(
My aim for this week with food is to get back to basics for me.  The deepfreeze had a defrost & a deep clean, the fridge is on the edge of a clean so I can restock with healthy, unprocessed clean eating goodies.

Monday: nothing
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: Run/walk
Thursday: nothing
Friday: Zumba
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: nothing

All in all a very feeble attempt at moving my ass.  

I had  a brief encounter in a change room which produced an image of blubber which I'd rather not have stuck in my head, but it did motivate me to get real and get it right .... it's GOTTA happen folks, I've got to stop looking pregnant!!  So with that motivational image in my head this week should look something like this:

Monday: weights & cycle
Tuesday: Run/walk
Wednesday: weights & cycle & possibly Zumba
Thursday: Run/walk
Friday: Zumba
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: nothing

We have visitors Sat&Sun so will try fit something in but not making a promise ;-)


PS the Borlotti beans form the garden were DIVINE, creamy with texture and beauty - I highly recommend you try them out :-)


  1. Good luck with moving more this week :)

  2. Eh, don't worry about it: I have moved considerably less than you over the past three days!

    And believe me, my eating has been FAR worse.

    Borlotti beans are indeed lovely: creamy but still have some substance, unlike Cannellini beans which tend to turn to mush and kidney beans which can be a bit firm. I have far too in-depth a knowledge of different types of beans...



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