Friday, 19 August 2011

Flip-side Friday

First some tunes:
An Estonia girl I believe, I'm loving her stuff at the moment, lots on youtube but only 1 song on iTunes!!!

Today I started my day with ... you guessed it, toast and homemade blackberry jam (deisegal ... how can you not!!!)
I also had a slice between workouts ... tooooo nice :-)

This afternoon my workouts were:
 Dismal but done (with mini-me-snr on his bicycle so I did laps round the block)
After my post run toast I did some of this, 
then I went and changed shoes ....
for some Zumba :-)

Home to steak, egg & chips .... what, you wanted that to hang around for a picture ...... eeeerrrrrmmmmm SORRY :-)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


  1. hehe...maybe it's because I REALLY don't like blackcurrant jam and then my prejudices spread towards blackberries ;)

    Most of the time I just devour my food before I can take a photo..I am totally in awe of people who can arrange their food in a pretty setting!

  2. Mmmm - steak, egg & chips sounds good! :-)

  3. Ooooh egg and chips, I now want egg and chips haha! With baked beans too... I don't have any of the ingredients in though, except the baked beans which wouldn't quite cut it!


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