Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Finding forgotten things

Like this cycling top I found at the back of my gym drawer
Looking like the cat that got the cream ... especially since it fitted!

So yesterday was a rest day and rest I did, it's the ONE thing I'm REALLY gooooood at ;-)

Today the postie delivered my new uber padded cycling shorts* (as advertised on Wiggle**) so I did my weights & my cycle in my cycling shorts and didn't feel like John Wayne at all - WINNER
 HAH!!!  How dinkie do I look in this picture .... it took SKILLZ you-all
and yes I took about 200 snaps for this one killer shot ;-)
PLUS, you get to see the rest of my forgotten shirt AND my new cycling shorts
In action on the turbo trainer

I thought this would help with being a sweaty betty after only 20 minutes effort ......
uuuuummmmm, no, it didn't help, I was still sweaty as anything

 Workout logs and sheets and stuff
 We all need workout STUFF .... don't we??

Post workout snack mmmmmm

And I have just finished a HUMUNGA bowl of hubby's phenomenal courgette risotto - all is good in my world, and if someone has tips on getting kids to bed on time during summer holidays I'm ALL EARS.

Welcome Swim Bike Mom to my blog, everyone else, hop on over .... I have had myself in tears of laughter more than once (see the "UGLY") I thinks it's because I can relate to every single one of the pictures and comments.


* The new shorts are fantastic.  The sizing came up perfect for me and they feel really comfortable on.  The padding is really good too, soft and comfortable AND its red, how awesome is that, none of this beige business woooohoooo. After my 20 minute cycle last week in the padded cycle-shorts I had on I was in agony for 4 days afterwards, today I feel fine - the difference is just amazing because there is no ways my butt has gotten used to the seat after only a second stint.  All in all my lady-bones thank me very much for remortgaging the house to buy them.
** I love, love, LOVE Wiggle, can't go onto their site without buying something, they really should send me free stuff ;-)
Disclaimer: I bought and paid for the shorts myself. My opinion of the shorts is my own.  I'm not beyond accepting free stuff ... I think!


  1. Thanks for the review: the shorts look great on you and I may be tempted to get some for myself now that I can see that the padding isn't too 'obvious.'

    I'm most definitely not beyond accepting free stuff either ;)


  2. Wiggle are very good. I got my bike (th one I never seem to use...) from there.

    Is that one of those indoor cycle stands? which is it and is it good?

    I bought new shorts and t-shirt last week. Most of my stuff was size 'Small' (with the odd medium thrown in) but when I went to expand the latter selection I found I had to get 'Large'. The baggy medium trail shorts looked like lycra shorts and the medium shirt was so skin tight it made full display of moobs and overhang. Not good.

  3. oh I wish I had the room for a bike at home..... and you look great in the kit! :) x

  4. Cycling shorts are LIFESAVERS!


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