Thursday, 11 August 2011


THANK YOU ever so much everyone for your wishes xxxx

SO, UUUUMMMMM, what do you do when your nemesis is cycling?  When you tried out a spin class and you had to crawl out swearing you will NEVER-EVER-EVER do that again!!!!  Well you ask your glorious hubby for some cycling shoes and cleats don't you!!!!!!!!!!!

 Beautiful cycling shoes with cleats loosely attached
 My "technician" making alterations
"technician" viewing final settings

In my head I need to attack this nemesis of mine and own it.  When pops-in-law was here visiting he set up hubbys bike in our office on the turbo trainer and did his thing.  Seeing as its all set up already all we had to do was adjust the seat height for me right. RIGHT!  SO, armed with my new skinonies, cleats, iCycle 20min training secession from iTrain aaaand hey presto I'm ready for GO ...... without embarrassing myself in another spin class or out on the road getting feet & cleats stuck and falling on my nose - see where I'm going with this????.... good.

I did about 2 minutes MAX today and I was knackered so tomorrow is gonna be interesting ... hey, in my defence I had my jeans rolled up and NO PADDING!!!

Do you have a nemesis that you have beaten or plan to beat?



  1. Well my nemesis appears to be being very suggestible when it comes to shopping. After reading your post and seeing your lovely new shoes I have now spied a gorgeous pair online that I reaaalllly really want. Please send me £130 so I can get them! ;)

  2. oooh mine were half that (plus cleats) but your cheques in the mail, made out to "red wig lady" ;-)

  3. Haha! First choice was poo pooed by boyfriend who pointed out that I wasn't fast enough to wear Italian bike shoes (I'm still faster than him tho). So I calmed down and found a pair for £49. Still your fault though. Thanks for giving me a shopping excuse. :)

  4. Well it was not a nemesis, but I never thought I would be able to run. :)It all sounds very technical- I have never even heard of cleats before.

  5. Haha - I think cycling is my nemesis too ... I really dislike it!
    I agree with Maria though, I never in a million years thought I could run ... but I did it!

  6. My nemesis is currently, snacking & I'm going to kick it's butt!

  7. Good for you, shoes look great. I'm not massively into cycling but I do the odd spin class from time to time and enjoy it.

    My bloody nemesis is swimming, grr I am so crap its embarrassing and I would love to one day complete a triathlon but I need to get the swimming thing sorted once and for all.


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