Saturday, 20 August 2011

Blog Randomness

I've been blogging for almost a year now so thought I'd finally go back and have a look at how its changed, or indeed how I have changed.

The first person to ever comment on my blog was TOTKat she is into triathlons = respect!
It took 21 posts before getting my first comment
183 page views in my first month of blogging; so far 1009 page views  this month (Aug 2011), ROCKIN :-)
My best month for views was June (contained lots of clean eating posts and garden veggie growing posts) mmmmmm
Most comments on a single post was the one about finding the bunny in the lounge, it SO deserved it .... wonder what bun-bun up to now :-)

In nearly a year, I have still not completed the full 9 weeks of C25K!!! and yet I STILL try run!?!
All my commentators  are consistent commentators, thank you all - its really great to interact, one of the best parts of blogging I think
Body and Fitness challenge .... remember that, oh my word - I was going to do videos every few weeks to compare, sadly I slipped up on that one.  I still think its a great idea though.

I'm thinking a "100 follower Givaway" would help spread the word???..... so September next year then ;-)

My blog style has changed a bit, less wordy ... eeeerrrmrmmmm OK only sometimes, but its like having an online diary where I can get feedback.
I'm still the same, I think ;-) although  I now grow vegetables and make jam & chutney!!!! where did that come from?????  
My exercise regime has changed but thats because I need to keep it varied and flexible to keep up with me falling out of love with exercises.

OK so year 2 of my blog world will involve:
... lots of clean eating
... actually shifting some body blubber
... loving myself
... accepting what I can't change and



  1. Congrats on a year blogging :-)
    It's cool to look back and see what's changed. I can get a bit obsessed by page views, so I try not to look too often!

  2. Thanks for following my blog! It seriously took me about 2 years to get over 100. I find if I just take a few days & spread some blog love at new blogs my numbers start to increase.

  3. Great goals, and I love the round-up :)

    As a relatively new reader it's so fun to go back and see how your style and content has changed: I often do that with my favourite blogs because I really feel it helps me to get to 'know' the authors.


  4. That's why I love blogging - you can look back on all the changes in your blogging style and lifestyle!


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)