Thursday, 18 August 2011

BBM anyone??

BlackBerry jaM that is is ;-)  Today I made some as we are literally surrounded by blackberries at the moment and I'm eating fresh but can't eat them ALL so decided to make some jam today.

 From the bushes ...
 To the bowl ...
To the pot ...
 And finally the into the jar 
I'm feeling all Domestic Goddess Like at the moment ;-)


  1. JAM!!!

    Oooooo mai :) Can I have a pot or three please?

  2. I'm impressed.

    A couple of weeks ago I asked the missus to start saving jars as I fancied making some pickles & chutneys. she laughed and said she'd recently read that saving jars was one of the first indicators of turning i nto your parents.

  3. @WM ... be careful what you ask for ;-)

    @Rob ... heeheehee.

  4. The blackberries aren't quite ripe around us yet, but I can't wait! I don't have the skills to make jam, but I love them in desserts and just eating them one after another :-)

  5. I like blackberries as they are but not as jam. I am such a weirdo ;)

  6. All hail to the Goddess BW!

    I have never made jam, and in all honesty probably never will as I don't think I could trust myself around the fresh stuff...... :) xx


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