Thursday, 4 August 2011


... I should be in cartoons ;-)

Today was not normal, here's a breakdown:
Wake-up @ 4:30am because mini-me-jnr had had a bad dream
Get up @ 5:30am
Breakfast = coffee
Leave home @ 6:10am
In the car for an hour odd with mini-me-jnr
Waiting. Waiting. Waiting
and some more waiting
Lunch from M&S = chicken/bacon/pasta salad @ about 11:30am & a BIG cappuccino
Waiting. Waiting. Waiting
and some more waiting
In the car home for an hour odd with mini-me-jnr
Got home to Chinese, I didn't say no!

So BOOM to BUST in 24 hours but planning to compensate in some way ....... maybe by getting some sleep tonight & feeling like a normal human being tomorrow, now that would be nice :-)

Thank you for all your lovely comments to my last few posts, they truly are helping motivate me along, today was a blip and tomorrow operation me resumes continues.

** mini-me-jnr is fine he was in for a minor "boy thing", he's all good and you'd never guess he'd had a general anaesthetic today.


  1. You have to make allowances for days like that- back to it today as you say.

  2. the poor boy...he looks so sadlethargicWHATHAPPENEDTOME?! in that picture.


  3. aww glad he's recovering fast though!

  4. Poor mini me jr! Hospitals are never fun places to be hanging out in. Glad he's OK now.
    some days a takeaway at the end of the day is JUST what the doctor ordered. I think we can make it into a lot worse than it is in our head and then that kind of ruins the "treat" aspect of it.


Thank you for your comments, I read & digest them all :-)