Monday, 22 August 2011


I had a little "aaaaaahhhhh" moment at Zumba tonight.  At about 10 past eight the sky was a beautiful hue of pinks and oranges and then it hit me ........
What it looked like when I walk out


Today was supposed to be a rest day but I don't see Zumba as "exercise" .... the lady in jeggings* 2 rows in front of me proved that tonight.  Is there something exercise active you don't count as exercise but do it just because you love it?

*suffice to say she made me look GOOD and confident about my Zumbering :-)


  1. Ahhh don't say Autumn just yet! It was really hot where I am today, I'm still clinging on to hopes of summer... not sure why it isn't going to happen is it haha

  2. Argh I don't want autumn to come :(. I love the summer and heat too much ;)

  3. LOL Jeggins, y do those even exist!

  4. Yep, autumn is definitely on the way.

    The horse chestnut leaves are going yellow and many other trees' leaves are looking tired if not yet changing colour. Last night I was reading in the living room and was struggling because it had started to get quite dark - and it was only 8.40pm.

    Its a shame as we've had a couple of nice days - for the first time in many weeks - and I really appreciated the sun. If we have a good summer (or even if the summer includes a couple of weeks away somewhere sunny) I often feel ready for autumn but not with summers like this.

    Ah well.

  5. Autumn is definitely on its way where I live as you can feel that autumny chill in the air when the sun goes in.

  6. We barely got a summer up here in the frozen north; I don't mind the arrival of autumn because we tend to have quite nice ones!

    I mostly don't count Pilates as exercise, because I just do it because I like it. But it depends, some studio classes are sufficiently brutal to most definitely count as a hard workout!

  7. I'm with wonky_monkey on pilates. I love doing it and love the effect on my core. I also love walking and don't think of it as exercise.
    I've not tried Zumba yet, it's so popular that I can't be bothered to queue for classes.

  8. I don't count yoga as exercise really- I know it is good for me (and some of the ones I do make me sweaty) but it does not seem like it to me!
    I don't want autumn to be here just yet!


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