Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Well, NEARLY wordless shall I say.  Nicked the idea from Brooke Burke @ Modern Mom (don't judge me please).  Once a week, on a Wednesday, I'll post a pictorial version for my blog.  Lets see how it goes shall we :-)

Beauty on my doorstep

 Side plate sized mushroom

 Summertime gardening

 Summertime gardening sunburn

My sinuses have made me feel poop all week, no exercise and too much crap food = grumpy me :-(

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. Love the little raised beds. That onions on the R/H side or spring onions? I can't get either to grow well in our garden.

  2. I love your raised beds! :)

  3. Rob, they are onions. The ones further away can be pulled early as spring onions (I think .... they are hubby's project)

  4. Am I the only one paying special attention to the nostril photo? Hehehe! I hope you get ungrumped soon x x

  5. LOL @ Rachel .... I did make sure it was clean before I took the picture ;-)

  6. Woman, you need to make your email visible so I can respond to your comments on my blog! :-)

  7. No good on the sunburn - I am so pale, so burns are a common occurrence for me!

  8. Ouch to the sunburn but love your garden :)


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