Saturday, 30 July 2011

Weekend pop-in

By Friday afternoon I found myself on the couch doing some of this ....
 ..... zzzzzzz......
Well it had been a VERY busy day.  Weights in the morning, then I spent the better part of the day in the office actually working.  Not forgetting the obligatory bit of house cleaning, helped along by mini-me-snr .......
bless him, he always helps ..... unlike mini-me-jnr who scarpers at the hint of cleaning-up!

 ... that would be him making his escape there ;-)

So after my nap I headed to 7pm Zumba class @ the local girls high school; when I got home I managed to stuff my face with lamb pita's then the boys treated me to an evening "concert" in the garden :-)

arms V legs
how white are the legs!!!!!!
I noticed this evening as I have shorts on for the first time in clearly a VERY long time

Otherwise sticking to my zero exercise plan this weekend and just enjoying digging in the veggie garden and loving the weather at the moment.  Hope you are all doing what you want to be doing this weekend and loving it :-)



  1. When I wear shorts, I'm fairly certain I could blind people!

  2. Nice pics! A nap sounds like a pretty good idea post weights pre zumba! I always think I'll have a nap before boxing but I always end up doing other things :-s

  3. Lol to the white legs, time for a bit of sun, grab a good book and head out o the deck for some "you" time ;)

  4. I am quite sure you are aware but just in case...your children are ADORABLE :)

  5. My arms and shoulders are quite brown from all my running (and the back of my calves up to where my capris go) from then on my skin is snow white! Looks quite shocking and weird in fact but I refuse to do fake tan!

  6. No matter how much I expose my legs to sun they stay lily white - I just get afew freckles on my knees! My arms aren't too much different ... just with more freckles!

  7. My legs are always the last to tan. It's very annoying to have very dark arms and lighter legs no matter how much they are exposed! :)

  8. Sounds like a good weekend! And bravo Mr. Mini Me Sr!


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