Thursday, 14 July 2011

Musings ... of sorts.

Where have I been?
What have I been doing?

..... these are all trick questions I tell you because I can't say outright what or where I have been or done.  I'll just start typing and see where I land up shall I ;-)

Well the in-laws are still here and I have slightly lost touch with my dishwasher and my washing machine (or at least the folding thereof), if a bit selfish its great to have them over because more people in the house equals less work for me especially when its mom & dad.  Mini-me snr & jnr have been having such a blast with them as well.  Granny generally gets the run-around from them at bed time and they land up having WAAAAAY more stories than I would normally do - - - big shock in store for them next week when I'm back on duty *mwah ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

Food Rundown:
Well I've not exactly been clean (more wheat & sugar than I would have liked) this week but believe it or not I've not been exactly totally debauched (if you can believe that after the cake picture ;-)

Exercise Rundown:
Monday: Workout A from NROL = check
Tuesday: Slept for Africa!!!???!!!!
Wednesday: Workout B from NROL = check
Thursday: Zumba morning class = check
Friday: Workout A from NROL

Tuesday I was hit from left field with tiredness and I'm not sure where it came from so today I've decided to start up with the Spartone iron water again just in case.  In fact I was so shattered Tuesday I even missed my dentist appointment because I clean forgot about it!  THANKFULLY, no charge and another appointment booked to fill the "holy tooth" :-)

Wednesday was a run around day: chimney sweep came, friend and her new babba came for tea (hence the baking of humungous chocolate cake above!), mini-me-snr had his sports day and then granny & I took the boys shopping for "granny's in town lets spoil the grandkids rotten presents" - she called them early birthday and christmas presents - HA, yeah right!!!!

And then this afternoon I found myself free, I tell you people ..... nothing - to - do!!! because hubby & grandpa are picking the kids up from school and then taking them for a short 9 holes of golf at the local course.  It does mean mini-me-snr misses his swimming lesson but I'm sure he won't mind toooooo much.

Well folks, I'm going to saunter over to the couch and read the back of my eyelids until the boys return and mayhem ensues :-)



  1. Ah enjoy checking your eyelids for holes ;)

  2. That looks like a serious bit of cake!

  3. Virtual slice of your cake please! Actually..I want real cake!! x

  4. Glad you're having such a nice time with the in laws! When the tiredness hits out of the blue it's good to just give in!

  5. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time with the in-laws! Glad you get to rest though!!!

  6. Wow, the cake, the cake!!

    Glad you're having a good time. hope the, er, eyelid reading was nice and restful ;)

  7. Love reading my eyelids :)

    I had a weird day on Tuesday as well. It was very hot here and I barely managed through a gentle yoga class without dying and came home and crashed out hard!


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