Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday Roundup

Food was tough sticking to no wheat, sugar or dairy again but that is plain and simply because I stuffed my gob for a whole week or more with them and now my body is craving them, I have the "bread belly" to prove it.
Exercise was plain and simply FUN all the way.  I did the Monday morning Zumba class at one of the local leisure centres.
School holiday update, we're all still talking to each other but it was touch-and-go a few times ;-)  I drew up a schedule thinking it would be tolerated but turned out to be a hit ..... I have another for tomorrow!  We had a "tennis tournament" between the 3 of us in the garden.  I got injured when mini-me-snr AKA Pete bally Sampras served into my left shin ........

the tournament came to a grinding halt for half an hour while I iced it up ....

 & acted like a footballer!!!!


  1. Ow that looks painful! I keep showing Andy my scratches today from the gardening but I am not getting any sympathy either haha!

  2. OUCH! That looks like it hurt :/

  3. Poor you - I hope he got a good telling off from the umpire!

  4. Ooouch! Sounds like you're having fun though I always enjoyed tennis but I was always pretty rubbish at it... ie hitting the ball over the neighbours fence repeatedly :-s

  5. That looks like a job for the Magic Sponge!


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