Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Missing. In. Action.

..... sorry about that fellow peeps & peepetts.  I have been rather busy since the start of the weekend.  All of a sudden 3 weeks lead time to the in-laws arrival became 48 hours, YEIKS how did that happen???  So I spent it frantically cleaning and emptying the spare bedroom of all the c-r-a-p that had managed to build up, I mean mini-me-snr calls the bed in there the laundry bed for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!  In my defence I did start a new laundry system a few months ago (when mini-me-snr became such a smart alec!!!) but it does mean that I now own AT LEAST 4 laundry baskets ... don't ask!

They arrived safe and since we had nothing planned for the Monday they had to relearn how to do nothing, after a go-go-go 2 week tour of Europe - it proved a tad tough :-).  Kids are totally enjoying having granny & grandpa at their disposal.

If you are ever in the SE of England 
and get a chance ...

OK how have I been behaving? (don't ask the in-laws they will have a different opinion heeheehee)

Me & My Food:
I've been doing rather well as far as I am concerned.  I did get on the scales Friday last week and was very pleased with a 2.5kg loss but I was being uber strict that week so am realistic about what was lost.  Also remember that I managed to slam about 7kgs back on in the previous few weeks of debauchery.  I have reintroduced ray bread, Agave nectar, nut butters, fruit, coffee and Rice Dreams milk into my diet and all I WILL say is that rye bread makes me "trumpet" something chronic but fortunately not accompanied by bloating.
I made Elise's Peanut butter cookies using cashew nut butter and chocolate whey protein and O-M-G I love them, not to everyones tastes I'm sure but they are a win for me :-) and fit in perfectly as a protein snack for my daily diet.

Me & My Exercise:
Saturday: cleaning - CHECK
Sunday: cleaning - CHECK
Monday: Treadmill (30 mins of 2 min intervals) - CHECK
Tuesday: Workout A from New Rules for Lifting - CHECK
Wednesday: Zumba - CHECK
Thursday: Workout B from New Rules for Lifting
Friday: Treadmill

I am really enjoying both New Rules for Lifting and Zumba. NROL is motivating me day by day and slowly I am finding it a great challenge physically.  In my head I am starting to think I CAN push myself harder than I used to and then I do :-)  Zumba is great fun, tried a different instructor this morning and she was just as great as the one last week.

I'm afraid I have no photos to share with you of Denbies, veggie garden or my fantastic salad Niçoise I had at lunch yesterday as I went and left my phone at the pub ..... numpT I know (and I was the designated drive so not even had any booze!!!).

Have a great day everyone.


  1. Oh LOL! I have a laundry bed too!!

  2. hahahaa!! At our old house I had a laundry bed. Rather expensive for a laundry storage space I suppose but hey ;-)

    Congrats on the scale victory!! :) And all of your NON scale victories especially!

  3. Mmmm peanut butter cookies!

    I feel I may be missing out on not having a laundry bed. I leave mine all over the weights bench and it drives P mad!

  4. Those cookies sound yummy :)

  5. A laundry bed? I used to have a laundry ROOM :D

    It's much improved now but the dining room table does get used for storing the ironing too often for my liking...

    Yay for the weight loss too :)

  6. I have heard so much about the new rules of lifting ... I thin I have to read it for myself!
    I hope you are having fun with the inlaws :-)


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