Saturday, 23 July 2011

Learning, all the time learning

I've been reading a lot lately about striving for balance, happiness and fulfilling dreams.  It can be a minefield of informations, ideas, views and philosophies.

Here's what I make of it all (at this point in my life) in my constant striving for balance.
As far as my life is concerned my biggest beef with balance is my body and possibly my lack of ability to get my ass into the office to help out and eeerrrmmm work.  Now getting my A-into the office is the easy part so why does my physical appearance cause me so much anguish?

I'm stealing my comment back in response to a post by Sable:  In my 20s I was too busy partying to care about my body image (but thinking back I had a fab body and was conscious but content with my self image). In my 30s I was too busy holding emotions in and feeding them with food and having children to think about my self image. Now in my 40s, when I'm supposed to be comfortable with myself and my body I'm stressing about it and floundering ... whats that shit all about!?!?!?

Granted I have 2 fabulous children, but this is about finding happiness and balance with MY body. I am now constantly 20 kilograms (thats 44lbs) heavier and unfitter than I was in my 20s.  Now I am under no illusion that my 20s body is a gonner, I am after more definition this time round ...... this time I want strength and cardio fitness {I'll add flexibility to the list in my 50s ;-)}

Currently balance in my life seems to be loosing 7kgs and then regaining it back again; in other words being good for a few months and then lapsing back into old bad eating & non-exercising habits.

What I'm learning and what I know:
There. is. NO. QUICK. FIX pill that will melt my fat away
There. is. no. EAT. ALL. YOU. WANT. DIET that will melt my fat away
What I'm aiming for is more good days than bad days ... eventually

If anyone has any answers, on a postcard or comment below ;-)



  1. Nowt helpful to say here I am afraid! Just that I agree finding balance is really hard.

  2. Balance is hard. I don't think that there is an eat all that you want to diet, but I think you can train your body to like stuff that's good for you ... doesn't mean the chocolate doesn't call out to me!

  3. If you want to be bendy in your fifties, start on it now! :D

    I think (principally because the results have been good for me!) that bodyweight resistance cardio circuits (a la Bodyrock, Ultrafit and so on) are the best way to get a boost to strength and cardio (and incidentally shed fat, due to the nice post calorie fat burn from super intense short workouts).

    Over the past year or so is as close as I've ever been to "balanced", in that I can eat quite freely as long as I train consistently and don't go overboard with the wine and cheese...

  4. Sorry no answers for you. It's a daily struggle but the end results can be fabulous. Just keep at it. ((Hugs))

  5. It is the hardest thing finding the right balance and it does take time and your right there are no quick fixes. All you can do is do your best every day and get quickly over and bad days.


  6. You comment about your 30s made me sad :(

    In terms of your body, I agree with w_m that circuit style training would be a great place to start. It'll increase your strength and general fitness considerably, and also help with the fat burn. Add to that a gentle cardio session once or twice a week, and some stretching. So 2-3 circuit workouts, 1-2 walking / swimming sessions for peace and relaxation. Keep it to a max of 4 workouts a week (that is my new rule too!), so as not to overload yourself. Do that for a good 8 weeks or so, and then take it from there?

    I've also been away from structured training and healthy eating for a while now, and have been feeling pretty overwhelmed and intimidated about getting back into it. I have to start somewhere though. And that somewhere is better simple and manageable.

  7. When you find out the answer, please share it with me! :-)


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