Friday, 22 July 2011

Fridays Fickleness

Day 1 of summer holidays (started early with an inset day for us) & I'm shattered already.  Last night the mini-me's slept with me as hubby was away.  Jnr was on the mattress next to me ... he did a total 360° during the night, while Snr used me as a punch/kick pad ..... DANG they are active sleepers!!!!!!!!!!  Anyways I digress.  We hit up town in the morning to go buy Just Dance 2* and took a stroll through the park on the way back and discovered there is a great Human Nature Garden at the local park - really amazing place.  Its relaxed and there is not 1 "keep off the grass" sign, kids had a great time investigating.
Park entrance signs for the Human Nature Garden

Kids cruising the park

I managed to eek in a few hours for me (some in the garden some shopping etc) and then I could no longer escape the Just Dance 2* challenge from mini-me-snr.
My favourite song so far has to be Tina Turners Proud Mary :-)

mini-me-snr demo'ing Rasputin for you :-)

It's a blast
.  It was great to do songs not on the original, confusing to start but you get the hang of it sooner rather than later; and they have added features as well like a weekly "sweat challenge" (individual challenge of a certain number of songs per day), duet dancing (where you dance together but different moves), races etc.  One thing I don't like is you can't just choose songs for the basic challenge which we like to do, we'll have to get used to that one I suppose.
We did over an hours worth of dancing and consuming WAAAY to many crisps & mini Twix's but hey - I think I worked them off :-)

Welcome to new followers, don't be shy throw me a comment if you want to.

Now if the sun can continue to shine for the next few weeks so the kids can get outside and play it will be great.


*Disclaimer: we bought ours from Game, my view of the game is personal and independent.


  1. You totally worked off the crisps and chocolate :)

    No embarassing dance videos of Lara to share? Hehe x

  2. That garden sounds lovely :)

  3. I'm so behind on the hip video games & activities - I've never done any of them :)


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