Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Day 5: Kids Summer Holidays


I'm liking my schedules, normally I just let the kids run rampant during the summer holidays and it takes me the entire autumn term to get them back to normality!! Well not this year I say .... this year I have Daily Schedules and they ROCK!!!!!!!!

It is flexible, today I did "muscle gym" before going into the office ;-)
Oh, and the 8:30 bedtime is yet to happen!!!!ggggrrrrrrr

 On our way to the park out the back gate

I'm slowly getting back into the grove of exercising and having fun doing it as well.  Admittedly I "accidentally" forgot to set my alarm this morning to do weights first thing but personally I think my subconscious has been having to much of a good time sleeping to be honest.  I still managed to get them done after lunch though ..... the benefit of both of us working from home is that hubby is there most the time so I can just pop out to Zumba or into the garage and do some exercise and not have to worry about the chillies.  APPARENTLY though what I need to do is to remember to tell him when I leave the house, what he doesn't read THE SCHEDULE??!!?? ;-)

Workout so far for the week
Post weights workout *glow* 
it was only 20°C but felt like 30°C I tell you!

Note to self .... loose the chubby cheek look, it makes you look lopsided!!



  1. I don't do well exercising in the heat - anything above about 18 degrees and I feel like I'm on fire!

  2. I absolutely wilt in the heat: I have no idea how bloggers from Florida etc. manage to keep working out through massive heat AND humidity.

    You're also Superwoman for getting to those weights despite having the kids off for the summer. I don't know how you do it. I remember what a little terror I was when I was off the whole summer...


  3. I love, love, love schedules! And lists...it's all due to my type a crazy person personality :)

  4. Yes, hooray for lists :)
    And well done for getting back to the exercise groove.

  5. I have lists all over the place....... trouble is I lose em as quickly as I make em! :p


  6. Love the schedule,...I am all about schedules and lists, can't live without them:)

  7. Good plan! I'm sure the 8.30 bedtime is hard to stick to with kids wanting to stay up as late as possible! It's so irrisistable as a kid I think haha but ultimately not exciting in the slightest when you think about it!


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