Friday, 1 July 2011

Cleaning up my act, day 5

YAAAAAAY its the last day of being uber strict today, can't wait to have some rye toast :-)

Today I: have taken it rather easy and not been running around like a headless chicken although there is LOADS to do for the arrival of the in-laws ..... EEEEEKKKKK.
I did Workout B of New Rules Of Lifting For Women ..... DAM those lunges, dam them to hell!  Think I have been conserving energy for this evenings first Zumba** attempt!!

My fingers are not all swollen in the mornings.
My bloated hard belly has returned to jelly.
My energy levels are WAAAY better, I know I had a 20 minute nap on the couch today but I HAVE been busy.
Its not been easy and I have had a slip up or two but it's been worth it overall.
I can honestly say that at the end of this week I have not had cravings for sweets, chocolates or biscuits.  YES, I've had the odd stressed "aaaaggghhh, I could stuff my face with biscuits and chocolate" moment but I have resisted and had a boiled egg instead.

I'm going to keep avoiding wheat, yeast, sugar and some dairy (I do love cream in coffee), like I've said before I'm just a nicer person to be around if I do this.
I'm going to explore the world of flavoured teas further than rooibos and berry tea, they are all yummy :-)
I'm loving New Rules Of Lifting For Women and am going to keep this up with the odd bit of whatever else I feel like cardio in-between .... I'm flexible like that ;-)

**ZUMBA was great fun btw.  I keep forgetting exactly HOW uncoordinated I have become, 2 left feet was an understatement & no bounce left in the old legs anymore .... ALTHOUGH I was getting some bounce back by the end of it ;-)  It's very catchy and like being out with your mates on the dance floor (but you all face the same direction ;-)

Zumba TOTALLY took me out of my comfort zone, what have you done recently to take yourself out of your comfort zone?

Welcome to new blog follower peeps,
great to have you on board :-)

Have a smashing weekend everyone,


  1. Yoga takes me out of my comfort zone as I am so inflexible it is ridiculous! So I do it at home!
    Well done on this week :)

  2. Have you tried any cream alternatives? I know alpro do a soya cream and you can get oat and rice versions too I think.. The soya cream was alwas pretty good in baking but I never tried it in coffee as I drink mine black.. unless it's a very naughty starbucks frappucino.. in which case pile the cream in and on haha

  3. You've done so well, have a pat on the back! So would you recommend New Rules Of Lifting For Women? I think I am in dire need of something to shake up my weight training and I think I've seen that book mentioned on another blog.

  4. Thanks for my comment! The book sounds good. We have loads of weights equipment at home so may check it out!

  5. I love love love New Rules of Lifting for Women!! :D By far the best lifting program of all time!!

    I kind of (kiiiiiiiiind of) want to try zumba. But I am the least coordinated, graceful person on the PLANET so I'm not sure...:X

  6. you definitely found your mojo eh! :) :) :) x


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