Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Things I should already know

I know, I know, there is the potential for this to be a seriously long list but this was something I thought hoped had changed over the years.  Take a look at the first picture and then close the blog if you are eating or have just eaten, there are more pictures to follow.

Nike Tempo Track Women's Running Shorts

I read a LOT of reviews before taking the plunge and buying these running shorts, everyone said they were fantastic, I read review after review after review ..... the worst said they fell apart too quickly and accused Nike of being shoddy seamstresses!

So, I order them and they arrived a week ago, but my running mojo had gone AWOL so they had to wait.

The ACTUAL Review:
Fabric is great it feels soft and cool to the touch
Fit is good and I'd say (going by Nike's size chart) true to size
Features they have great sporty inner nickers and a little open key pouch on the inside at the back
Wearability ....... well I put them on and did some "posing" sorry about that ;-) yes the mid section of me really does look like that (can't even blame the bad picture/lighting), on the up I do think my legs look good and I actually like the style of the shorts.

Sadly the gorgeous shorts and I are not going to be running life partners and never will be.  Thank GOODNESS I did my run on the treadmill because 2 minutes into the warm up and I had pulled the bally things out from my "lady bits" more times than I wanted to - you can be grateful there are no pictures of this though!  I paused the treaddie and dashed upstairs and changed into my muffin top enhancing ever comfortable capris.  My body shape is just never going to be able to wear a pair of running shorts and actually RUN in them :-(  These will however make fantastic weight training attire wooohooooo.

If you like shorts and don't suffer from *short-creep* they are great!

SO, as you may or may not have noticed I did some exercise today - I lassoed my mojo and dragged it to Freddie in said above outfits :-)  I have caged settled my mojo in a nice comfortable two-by-two box bed with duvet ready for the next instalment .....

Exercise Plan for the Week:
Monday: naught
Tuesday: Run C25K Week6 D1
Wednesday: Body Pump
Thursday: Run  C25K Week6 D2
Friday: Circuit of some description
Saturday: Run  C25K Week6 D3
Sunday: Rest & Relax

Now to find something else to do whilst hubby forges ahead with watching Saving Private Ryan, it's just too real for me, I like to live in a land where everything is cushioned with cotton wool and candy floss. How about you, do you like to watch REAL movies or fantasy?



  1. This post really made me laugh - a completely honest review!

    I just bought some North Face running shorts that are pretty similar to Nike Tempo, so I'm hoping that they don't do the same thing!

  2. Haha! What a fab review, I love it. It reminds me that I need to review my new sports bra. Sadly that's much less amusing :D

    I must admit to loving war films and generally gritty and realistic stuff; I was addicted to Band of Brothers. I'm a fantasy fan as well, but of the dark and gritty swords'n'sorcery type...

  3. T'is funny how shorts creep eh. I don't have a problem with these, though they do creep up my thighs a little. I only noticed on 10M plus runs, as that's when the chaffing started.. :-/ I generally agree that tights are more comfortable for running though. Or cycling shorts.

    As for movies, I like a bit of both. I'm unusually into war films for a girl, but I like my fantasy too (so long as it doesn't stray into fantastical)

  4. hmmmmmm I totally understand what you are saying. I could be wrong but when your body changes and gets smaller you may find that those shorts will work better for you. All I know is that when I lost weight the problem you are describing went away. :) Plus, I kind of like showing off my legs now so I don't mind if they creep a little bit.

  5. Some people swear by those shorts. I have a love/hate relationship with them. They just seem to not be very flattering on me. But I'm lucky they don't ride up my lady parts....lol......I would have also ripped those suckers off me.

  6. This post made me laugh, which I really need at the moment! I don't think I'd dare even think about wearing shorts yet, that stage is a while off!


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