Wednesday, 15 June 2011

SPP Party

My "Self-Pity Pathetic party" has been a raging success!!!!  I mean COME ON ALREADY!!!! I have spent an awful lot of time feeling miserable and trying to find my mojo to get moving again.  It's really difficult to describe, not because I don't want to but because I can't even put a finger on it .... it's really annoying.   It's like I've had no motivation for anything, at points I've felt like I haven't even had the energy or motivation to be arsed about not being arsed!!!!  It possibly boils down to fear of failure in letting people down.  But I've come to realise thats NOT going to happen, I'm on a HUGE learning curve so yes I will be tripping up every now ...... but damn it hubby keeps giving me stuff to read and actually expects me to WORK* now!!!! YEIKS, strap yourself in peeps, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
*Not meant to be cryptic, hubby & I have started up a new company, onwards and upwards :-)

I have been wondering round the garden and there are a few things sprouting up in our veggie garden, something I thought would never actually happen.  I mean, you sew some seeds and then food will grow!!!! Really??!!
Butternut, carrots and corn in the background
 Peas & Beans and spinach & broccoli to the right
Salad stuff, the rocket is going CRAZY!!

We have been eating fresh salads from the garden and this morning I even picked a few dew covered kale leaves for my smoothie monster - DIVINE I have to say.

On the Food Front:
I am back to chopping out of my diet the following items based on the undeniable fact that they do not agree with my digestive system or my respiratory system, and that I am just basically a nicer happier person without them!
The NO list includes, wheat, yeast, refined sugar and processed foods (as far as possible but I am flexible on this).  For the immediate future I am sticking to sweet potatoes, butternut and wheat free pasta for "starchy carbs" and will slowly introduce others to include brown rice, baby potatoes, couscous and the like.  Dairy is a touch-and-go subject for me because I'm sure milk does my sinuses no good so I'm sticking to Kara coconut milk & Rice Dreams milk for now.  My cawffffeeeee of a morning will however still contain single (full fat) cream for the immediate future .... good lord I AM selective!!!!

On the Exercise Front:
We finally have all the pieces for the home gym in the garage and there is now no space what-so-ever for ANYTHING else!!!!!  So Monday morning reared it's ugly head, as it does!  The kids had an inset day so I HAD thought I might have a nice sleep in ...... oooooo nooooooooooooo hubby guilt tripped me the night before into getting up and working out, and I fell for it again this morning!!!!  Boy am I feeling it!

I have finally gotten around to doing the  "The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess" routines, I think it must have been the LOOK LIKE A GODDESS part that caught my eye ;-) ...... EISH remind me next time it may hurt, in fact the book should come with a CAUTION sign on it heeheehee

No running as yet this week, I'll try pull that back into my schedule next week.  I mean the Great South Run is only 19 weeks away, excluding this weekend that is and I feel like time is running out ..... it's a 10 mile race and my current slower than a snails pace and 2 odd miles is just not going to get me round so I DO need to focus here.

I feel like I am slowly getting my balance back in regards to all aspects of my life again, food, exercise, work, life ..... its hard and I can easily see how a few balls can get dropped every now and again.  What I need to do is make sure that I juggle with bouncy balls!

I'm thinking that my blog name needs a change, yes "Eat Less Move More" is what got me fired up and going in the first instance but I feel this blog has evolved and is about more than just that now ...... over to guys, what do you think?

Before I sign off I'd like to welcome new blogger followers, its always great to have you aboard, don't be shy - all comments welcome :-)



  1. I'm struggling with my mojo at the moment too. You are doing much better than me by the sounds of things though, I just can't get it together to do my exercise at the minute, bah!

  2. The new business venture sounds exciting!

    I think we all struggle with our mojo sometimes - I've managed to keep my exercise mojo going, but my eating has been struggling.

    My brain is too tired to think of a witty blog title. I like the one you have, but maybe it's time for a change.

    I've tagged you on my blog this evening, so go and have a look if you get a chance.

  3. I love your garden- I agree it is so exciting ! :)

  4. I chuckled loads reading this post.. I was just about to join your self pity party too.. thanks for cheering me up! :-)

  5. Sounds like your new "diet" is similar to the Clean Food Challenge! I hope you share on here!!! :)

  6. This time of year is really exciting with gardens. Lots of stuff coming your way! I think it really helps you feel productive and motivated too, growing your own veg and then being able to eat it :-)


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