Thursday, 16 June 2011

So 3 full days of avoiding wheat and yeast and my hay fever seems to be abating ..... or is that just down to my antihistamines finally kicking in???!!!!! ....... I'm not risking it but I am enjoying breathing through my nose again :-)  The one thing I noticed while I've been trying to find a relaxing stretch yoga type sequence to do after running is that most of the instructors seem to take it for granted you can breath through your nose. The "relaxing stretch yoga type sequence" I have downloaded the 20 minute free Yoga For Runners from Yoga Download thanks to Laura over at Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish.  I haven't tried it yet but will do later today.

Feeling stupidly excited about the in-laws pending visit (they are travelling Europe at the moment) and felt the lounge needed a bit of a lift.  Now being the proud owner of 2 young boys I have been forced into using throws on the couches.  These up until today were of a green shade but now look ......

....eeeeeekkkkk nice and bright and rather daring for me if I must say so :-)

The more sedate mustard yellow throw
 Brilliant orange throw which I may pull over the front of the cushions???
What do you think??

*****wavy time passing type stars ;-)*****

OK I'm back.

This week is national blood week so if you're not signed up or don't know how to go check out it's so easy you can even register and make an appointment online.  OK so today I TRIED to go donate blood, had my appointment and got there early to fill out my form and stuff and then the lovely lady went through some procedures and questions and asked if hubby was British and I said "no South Africa" gggggrrrrrrr; so that meant no donating for me today and if I ever want to donate blood I have to drag near needle phobic hubby with me to donate blood as well (basically so they can test both of us for HIV ..... kinda ridiculous but its the rules!!!!!), but if he doesn't come with me then I'll NEVER be allowed to donate blood or go on the bone marrow register either :-(
Funny thing is in South Arica they never said no to my blood, in fact I'm surprised I'm still alive ;-)
I tried giving blood here 10 years ago and got turned away because I'd had my navel pierced by a none NHS person!!!!  took me 10 years to go back, all very frustrating.

Anyways, need to go put the chillies to bed before it backlashes on me when I'm trying to get them up tomorrow morning for school :-)



  1. You've just reminded me that I need to make an appointment to give blood. I nearly got turned away the first time becuase I have small veins apparently and it takes me aaages to donate.

    I like the throw - very summery and bright :-)

  2. I love those throws - so bold and summery!

  3. Those are some really nice throws!!

    I love/hate donating blood. Love because I love to help and it's really not all that bad...HATE because half the time my arm will close up temporarily, and I'll go sit and eat a cookie and five minutes later there's blood EVERYWHERE. I don't have any bleeding disorders or anything either -- have never understood it!

  4. giving blood is so important. I have done it about 5 times, but every time I faint once they take the needle out my arm (I do hate thinking about blood and my heart pumping and stuff)- they even wrote on my notes to take less blood next time, as I am small, and I still fainted. Which is so embarrassing as I come too with my legs in the air and all nurses fussing around me. So I have not gone for ages as I don't want to waste their time, and also the more I think about fainting again, the worse I get. Also I thought they only took people under 30 for bone marrow stuff, as I looked at that before but was about to be too old!

  5. I love the throws -- definitely a thumbs up on the colour from me!

    The rules for donating blood here are really strict. I've been turned down a couple of times, and I must admit that it just got me down, so I've not been back.

    Glad you're feeling better for the diet / hayfever meds :-)

  6. Thanks for the follow. Can't wait to see what you have on the horizon!!

    Gotta run.

  7. The orange throw is very nice. :)
    At Stellenbosch University (where I'm studying) there is a "Big Bleed" competition. Basically the res with the highest percentage of students that donate blood recieves a large sum money.
    It's a very good incentive.
    I couldn't donate blood because a person is not allowed to donate if you are on certain medication etc.
    But I'm seriously considering becoming a donor. :)

  8. they're pretty strict about donating blood here as well. I donated once in college no bother, then I tried to go another time a few years later and they literally couldn't get the blood out of me, they filled 3/4 of a bag and it took an age but it was moving so slowly out of the veins (sounds lovely doesn't it?!) and then they had to discard what they got because they need a full bag. And I was left with the angriest bruise ever on my arm for weeks...epic blood donation fail! It's definitely something I'd like to try again in the future but giving it a wide berth for the next while!


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