Sunday, 26 June 2011


All-righty folks, no more fannying about!

I'm cleaning up my act.

I know I've said it before but this time I'm SERIOUS!

So for me this means:
No wheat
No sugar
Minimal dairy for this week
No processed food - it seems to all contain sugar in some form

I was going to say I will check in tomorrow with more detail but that really is about the just of it, I have felt SO crap this week from eating all the above stuff on my no list and it becomes a mindless feeding frenzy that I cannot live with anymore - I don't like myself like this its too close to my heart to say but accept when I say its not good.  I need to do this for me because ME wants to be around for a looooooooong time :-)

Oh and I'm trying to train my boys into calling me
 "Princess Goddess Mommy"
...... it been a bit hit and miss but I think I'm making progress :-)

peace to all


  1. Best of luck! Are you going to share on the blog?

  2. Good luck with the cleaning up and also the new name thing! Love it!

  3. @Jen, yip I'm going to document it all here.
    @Maria, Thanks ;-)

  4. Best of luck with it all, especially the name change :) I look forward to updates :D

  5. Good luck! As you're doing it for yourself then I'm sure you'll succeed! I've just found your blog, and am looking forward to seeing how you get on.

  6. You can do it!!!!! =) Are you planning to share your eats on the blog?

  7. I might join you in this. I've got the book 'Clean and Lean Diet' (written by the bloke who is responsible for Elle MacPherson's bod) and it's a very similar type thing. I keep meaning to sit down, read it properly, and start!


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